Word: Phitness fysio (okay, we made that up). But we figured lockdown was a good chance to consider how a physio can help you to achieve your fitness goals - even if you’re not injured.

While personal trainers have extensive knowledge of fitness, a physio versed in exercise and sports brings the added benefit of specialised knowledge of anatomy and precise exercises and techniques to both optimise performance and minimise injury risk. The term ‘prehab’ is often used to describe physios’ fitness guidance for those who aren’t injured.

Whether you’ve been frustrated by lack of fitness progress or are limited by niggling injuries, here are a few of the many ways a physio can help.

1. Teaching you correct form and technique, which can expedite progress gains and reduce injury risk. It’s an investment in your long term fitness.

2. Conducting an in-depth assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and adjusting exercise recommendations to optimise your personal biomechanics and anatomy (e.g. that weird turned in knee that compromises your cycling). It’s personalised and precision targeted.

3. Collaborating with you to set SMART goals to help you to reach your fitness goals efficiently and safely. No guesswork. Full support.

If you have a question about how a physio can serve as your fitness partner and help you to reach your fitness goals, our experts would love to help. Ask us in comments. We respond to EVERY question with FREE expert advice.😊#keepsoaring

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