My Aged Care (MAC): What is it?

The My Aged Care (MAC) is an entry point for people in Australia to access government funded aged care services. These services support people over 65years old to conduct daily activities.

Who’s eligible?

For those who are over 65 year’s old finding it harder to conduct daily activities. You will need to go through the face-to face assessment to start receiving a support package. To apply for a my aged care package visit or call 1800-200-422.

What Services are available to DVA clients?

Soaring Health provides the following aged care services to those who have a my aged care package: 

How much does it cost?

The Australian Government subsidizes the cost of aged care services. However, you are expected to pay the cost if you are able to. There are no standard costs for aged care services. The costs depend on your financial situation, types of services and the service providers. Soaring Health does not charge any ‘out of pocket’ costs for most services.

How do I get started?

In order for you to start receiving the aged care services, you will need to be referred for an assessment. We can make a referral through online, phone or FAX. Our staff are here to help you completing and sending referrals. Once the completed referral is received by My Aged Care, all the information will be sent to an aged care assessor who will discuss and organize and assessment with you.