National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Soaring Health provides our services to all local participants under the NDIS. As a registered provider, the services we offer to NDIS participants include:

  • Physiotherapy: our experienced therapists can help with any pain, swelling or stiffness you may have. This includes tailored exercise programs to help you reach your functional goal. We can help you with assistive technology, gait rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, postural devices and hydrotherapy treatment in the pool.
  • Dietetics: our dietician can help to empower you to make smart nutrition choices and improve your diet.
  • Domestic assistance: we can help you with assistance with tasks around the house including daily chores, cleaning and grocery shopping.
  • Garden maintenance: does your disability limit you from getting out and caring for your garden? Not to worry we have gardeners to assist with or take over care of your gardening.
  • Transportation: we have support workers who can help to get you to where you need to be. Whether that’s for a medical appointment or the local shops. We’re here to help you get around our lovely community.
  • Regular recreational and social events: we’ll let you know when we are planning a social event.
community treatment
  • Occupational Therapy: our Occupational Therapist will help you complete the tasks of everyday living. They can help with things around the house such as rails in the bathroom or bedroom or dressing aids.
  • Group classes: we offer Pilates and Yoga to improve strength and coordination either in a group setting or one-on-one.
Unsure if you’re eligible for NDIS services? Soaring Health can assist you with checking your eligibility for NDIS. We can simplify the application process and guide you through the entire process.