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Surprising reasons you feel pain and the secrets to drug-free pain relief

Prevent workplace back and neck pain with these expert sitting tips.

Sitting tricks to prevent workplace back pain

Prevent workplace back and neck pain with these expert sitting tips.

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Use the psychology of motivation to easily change eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.

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The 3 Non-obvious Benefits Of Cupping

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What is Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)

his blog post has been extracted from the August 2017 issue of the Women's Health & Fitness Magazine

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One of the most common natural occurrences with healthy young individuals is reoccurring muscle tigh

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What to do when you experience back pain?

Recently I was interviewed by The Good Health TV to speak with Dr. Dr. Joseph Sgroi about low back p

Why we use salt lamps in the massage room

Himalayan salt lamps are created using Himalayan Salt mined deep within the mountains of Pakistan th