Soaring Health provides TAC injured individuals with no out-of-pocket Chiropractic & Physiotherapy care

With a TAC claim number, you are eligible to receive fully covered services with Soaring Health community programs Centre, the leading Centre treating and managing individuals TAC plans. Soaring Health’s Community Programs Centre is based in the council owned Thomastown’s Recreational & Aquatic Centre providing community support for people involved in a traffic accident. Soaring Health’s TAC services are registered and approved by the Victorian Government’ Traffic Accident Commission.

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We’re at 54 Main Street, Thomastown 3074 (inside TRAC – Thomastown Recreational & Aquatic Centre)

What TAC services are available at Soaring Health

1. Chiropractic: Chiropractors are experts at treating spinal and neural injuries and helping correct any misalignments or postural changes in the spine. A thorough assessment will be completed to determine if a referral for an x-ray or scan is required.

2. Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists are experts at treating musculoskeletal injuries and tailoring a personal rehabilitation program to help you return to your daily life. We have access to a hydrotherapy pool and a fully-equipped gym to support your rehabilitation program.

3. Home visits: Our Allied health services can be provided to you in the comfort of your own home.

4. Dietetics: Seeing a dietician after you’ve had an injury is vital to facilitate your recovery. Nutrition and diet play a major role in muscle and bone health and recovering from injury. A dietician will advise you about any food and supplements that are necessary for each stage stage of the recovery process.

5. Occupational Therapy: An Occupational Therapist will help you get back to what you were doing before the injury happened, whether that’s related to work, sports, getting around the house and community or just completing daily activities. They can create an appropriate return to work program, as well as help with things around the house such as rails in the bathroom or bedroom.

6. Domestic Cleaning & Gardening Services: Our home services are essential to ensure the cleaning and gardening is maintained until you are able to return to full rehabilitation.

All our services are designed to help support your recovery and get you back on track as soon as possible. We liaise closely with your GP and any other service providers to ensure we are all working together to help you recover.