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Soaring Health and the NDIS

If you’re living with a disability, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of accessing the help you need. Not only can the required frequency of therapy can make paying fees unaffordable, funding provisions and onerous application processes can further delay treatment. At Soaring Health, we recognise the importance of accessing the therapeutic services you need, when you need them. As a registered NDIS provider, Soaring Health’s practitioners treat eligible participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). What’s more, our community coordinator and dedicated customer service team are well-versed in NDIS requirements and can help you to fast-track access to appropriate treatment. 

As a registered NDIS provider, Soaring Health provides our services to all local participants under the NDIS. Ways in which our therapists can help eligible NDIS participants to live well and thrive include: 


Realise your physical goals with NDIS physiotherapy

Adults’s Physiotherapy
Whether you’re determined to achieve a certain functional goal, or look forward to relief from pain, swelling or stiffness, our experienced therapists can help. As well as using hands-on techniques, a Soaring Health physiotherapist may plan a tailored exercise program and even hydrotherapy to help you reach your functional goals. Our physios can also help you with assistive technology, gait rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation and postural devices.

Children’s Physiotherapy
Children’s physiotherapy combines core principles of physio with specialised knowledge of natural growth and development and treats presenting issues with a view to achieving and maintaining optimal musculoskeletal function. Suitable for correcting or managing developmental dysfunction such as impaired gait, fine motor control issues and deficits and growth delays or asymmetries affecting function (e.g. balance), children’s physiotherapy can also treat acquired musculoskeletal injuries and joint and muscle issues associated with health conditions. Importantly, to ensure treatment compliance and optimal treatment outcomes, Soaring Health children’s physios administer treatment and management plans are fun, realistic and easy for children and their carers to follow.

OT -Occupational Therapy

Learn what it means to ‘live your best life’ with your NDIS occupational therapist

Adults’s Occupational Therapy
With the right assistance, you may be surprised by quite how rich and fulfilling your life can be. Whether you’d like to find ways to independently manage daily living tasks or need help to realise an ambitious goal – from participating in adapted sports to travelling – a Soaring Health occupational therapist can help make it happen. From recommending adaptations around the house (think bathroom rails and dressing aids) to advising on devices such as specialised wheelchair tyres, the driving force behind the work your occupational therapist does is hearing you say the words, ‘I can’. 

Children’s Occupational Therapy
Working with an occupational therapist can transform the lives of children and adolescents facing the limitations of physical, intellectual or psychological disability, injury, illness or dysfunction. By combining clinical knowledge, knowledge of education and childcare and familiarity with relevant legislation and local resources, a Soaring Health Thomastown O.T. will establish processes and adaptations to the environment that account for child NDS participants’ special needs and remove barriers to their independence and confidence in their strengths and abilities. Depending on a child’s disability or injury and specific challenges, a children’s O.T. program may include prescription of a wheelchair or mobility aid that best enables participation in school life or sport, education in thinking, visual and movement skills, recommendation of modified play equipment and development of play skills.


Harness the healing power of food with your NDIS dietitian

Nutrition is a powerful means of assisting with the body’s own repair processes. Following tailored healthy eating recommendations from a Soaring Health dietitian can enhance physical and mental vitality and restore a sense of strength you may have thought you’d lost. If you’re looking to regain strength and muscle through exercise, strategic nutrition is also key to realising your goals.

Pilates & Yoga

Feel the power of physical fitness and strength with therapeutic yoga and clinical Pilates

It may sound unlikely that small gains to flexibility, balance and coordination could lend a sense of empowerment and overall strength – but those who have experienced Pilates and yoga attest to the unique benefits of these physical practices. As well as gaining physical strength and flexibility and improving balance, devotees speak of feeling metaphorically taller, stronger and more powerful. Whether you have your yoga or Pilates technique down pat and feel able to practice in a group setting or need the one-to-one guidance and attention of private classes, Soaring Health has a suitable program.

therapeutic yoga


Enrich you life with your NDIS Psychologist

Soaring Health Psychologist

Adults’s Psychology
When it comes to optimising quality of life with those with disabilities, mental health is often overlooked. But the mental and emotional effects of disability and injury can compound physical challenges and prevent people from realising their potential. For NDIS participants, the frustration of being unable to perform certain tasks and activities can all-too-easily manifest as depression, anxiety, apathy, hopelessness, social withdrawal and low self-esteem. Unfortunately, habitual negative thoughts and their emotional effects can become self-fulfilling prophecies – undermining a person’s participation in, and enjoyment of, life. Using talk-based techniques from evidence-based paradigms such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), which works to change unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, a Soaring Health psychologist can help to build emotional resilience, instil new positive thought patterns, teach strategies to manage the disappointment and frustration of setbacks and frustrations and support the emergence of healthier self-esteem and confidence in individuals’ personal capacity to life a rich, full, satisfying life.

Children’s Psychology
A Soaring Health psychologist can also assist children with physical disabilities, attention and behavioural problems and diagnoses such as ADHD and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to better integrate into school and social life.

Common Adult Conditions

  • Stroke
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Vestibular disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Neurological disorders
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Balance disorders
  • Aged care & Function
  • Psychological Conditions

Common Children's Conditions

  • Developmental Delays
  • Gross Motor skills
  • Fine Motor Skills 
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Delayed Verbal Skills
  • Autism
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Anomalies of the brain and spinal cord
  • Vascular anomalies
  • Musculoskeletal Function
  • Post Traumatic Disorders 
  • Anatomical Anomalies 

Are you a SUpport coordinator?

You can refer an NDIS participant directly using our community referral online form. We guarantee an appointment within 2 weeks

Soaring Health is registered to provide services to participants with the following support categories included in their plans:

  • Capacity Building:
    • Improved Daily Living Skills
    • Improved Relationships 
  • Improved Health & Wellbieng
  • Assistive Technology
  • Therapeutic Supports

Soaring Health is NDIA registered to provide supports in the following registration groups:

  • Therapeutic Services
  • Assistive Products- Personal Care and Safety
  • Assistive Equipment -Recreational
  • Behaviour Support
  • Community Engagement
  • Home Modifications
  • Early Intervention Supports for Early Intervention
  • Occupational Therapy
    • Home
    • Clinical
    • Training
    • Group Therapy (Cooking/ Arts & Craft /Exercise) 
  • Physiotherapy
    • Home
    • Gym/ Rehab
    • Training
    • Group Functional Classes 
    • Manual Handling Plans
  • Hydrotherapy
    • Physio (Muscle and Joint Strength) 
    • O.T (Community Engagement & participation)  
  • Dietetics
    • Clinic
    • Home
  • Psychology
    • Adult
    • Early Intervention
    • Behavioural Counselling
  • Podiatry
    • Clinical
    • Home
  • Home assessments
  • O.T Reports and product recommendations
    • Assistive Technology
    • Recreational Support
    • Safety Products
  • Allied Health Assistants
    • Level 1
    • Level 2
  • Chiropractic (self managed only)
  • Remedial Massage (self-managed only)
  • Myotherapy (self-managed only)



Chiropractic services

Complex injuries and conditions can feel like a life sentence of trying to find answers and solutions. Moreover, whether you find relief may depend on who you consult and asking the right questions. A chiropractor, for instance, is an expert at treating spinal and neural injuries and can identify misalignments and postural nuances that cause pain, limit movement and may have a domino effect – causing secondary injuries. Because the spine is delicate, a Soaring Health chiropractor will conduct a thorough initial assessment and refer you for any relevant X-rays or scans, if required, before devising a treatment plan that helps you to regain optimal mobility, function and freedom.



Remaining physically well and active and maintaining your treasured independence requires conscientious self-management. That means being mindful of how your environment affects your risk for falls and injuries, and undertaking strategic exercise as a form of maintenance (consider that walk an investment in keeping your desired lifestyle). As part of our community program, a Soaring Health physiotherapist will not only write a personalised exercise plan to maintain and improve physical function, they will visit your home and guide you in performing it safely and effectively using the available space and resources. They’ll also appraise the space and recommend any improvements to reduce injury risk, facilitate independence and enable you to stay strong, well and active.

Home Services

Physiotherapy Home Services

If your injury or disability make it difficult to attend appointments, why not let your treatment team of allied health professionals come to you? As well as eliminating the stress and hassle of transportation, home visits by Soaring Health’s physiotherapists, chiropractors, dietitians and occupational therapists have the fringe benefit of integrating exercises into your daily environment using available space and resources – increasing the likelihood that you’ll follow your program and realise your rehabilitation goals.



Nowhere is the phrase ‘let food be thy medicine’ more apt than in recovery from injury and chronic pain. What you eat can help or hinder the healing of bones, muscles and wounds, making diet a powerful tool in rehabilitation. Consuming certain foods can also ease the inflammation that can exacerbate and prolong pain – potentially reducing reliance on medications. Whether your goal is a return to your regular level of function or freedom from the limitations of chronic pain, a Soaring Health dietitian will comprehensively assess your condition or injuries and tailor a meal plan to support your recovery goals and food preparation capabilities. They will also educate you about food types, nutrients and dietary practices that empower you to take charge of your own nutrition.


Occupational Therapy

Facing the effects of injury and conditions that undermine your usual level of function can be frustrating and frightening. Not only is it confronting to realise you can’t do what once seemed like simple tasks, but you may fear that you’ll forever be limited and reliant on others. That’s where an occupational therapist comes in. Effectively an ‘independence partner’, a Soaring Health occupational therapist will visit your home, appraise the environment, identify your strengths and weaknesses and devise creative, practical solutions that enable you to tick off your to-do list – from showering to food shopping and attending appointments – and facilitate your return to your previous level of function and independence.

Products and

Products and Supports

Accessing products and technology to assist with injuries can be complicated. Soaring Health simplifies the process by assessing and fitting you for aids and supports that promote optimal long-term recovery, and ordering them on your behalf. Soaring Health stocks a range of orthopaedic braces, joint supports and medical aids that may be recommended by one of our health specialists to help ease your transition back to full physical strength. If we don’t have what you need, we can order it to arrive within 48 hours. Some technology may require an occupational therapist letter of recommendation. Soaring Health’s Occupational therapist can visit your home or workplace and advice you on the necessary products. 

Cleaning and
domestic services

Cleaning and domestic services

Serious injuries can make performing basic domestic tasks difficult or impossible. What’s more, trying to push through pain and limited movement to complete tasks such as vacuuming can worsen injuries and prolong recovery time. If an accident or disability has limited your ability to complete your regular cleaning, Soaring Health’s home cleaners can assist with tasks such as dusting, mopping and vacuuming – leaving you free to focus on your recovery.


Gardening services

Gardens often become collateral damage during the rehabilitation process, but you needn’t watch your treasured plants wither while you’re out of action. Soaring Health’s home garden service will help keep your garden healthy and thriving until you’re ready to return to your usual activities. Soaring Health’s garden maintenance services are available year round.



Whether you’re recovering from injury or managing chronic pain or arthritis, it can be hard to know quite how far to push your body. Engaging in certain types of exercise too soon can work against goals such as improved function and pain reduction and prolong the rehabilitation process. Enter hydrotherapy, which harnesses the buoyancy of water to enable exercise that restores strength and mobility – minus the stress on joints of weight-bearing, land-based exercise. Tailored to your needs by a Soaring Health physiotherapist, hydrotherapy can also relieve muscle spasm, aches and pains, which can result in immediate improvements in function, strength and mobility.

Gym and

Gym and Rehabilitation Exercises

Soaring Health is located inside Thomastown Recreation & Aquatic Centre so we have access to a fully-equipped gym. Exercise is integral to how quickly you recover from injury and whether you regain your previous level of function. This isn’t the time for guesswork or a generic workout plan. For effective rehabilitation, it’s important to work methodically to strengthen both supporting and injured muscles and joints while promoting tissue repair. It’s also crucial to practise correct technique (incorrect form can inadvertently prevent healing or even worsen injuries). Like a personal trainer with specialist knowledge of anatomy, pain and how the body responds to trauma, a Soaring Health physiotherapist will guide you in performing customised workouts designed to support your recovery goals and maximise the healing effects of movement.