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Soaring Health is the only private practice in Australia to be involved with research of disability-specific goal setting mobile application – ADOC. In collaboration with associate professors Dr Kounosuke Tomori and Dr Tatsunori Sawada from the University of Japan, Soaring Health is making significant contributions to the rollout of this software in Australia. The successful application is set to become the gold standard for goal setting in the NDIS within a few years. This research is led by Soaring Health occupational therapist Yuho Okita and is being used by a range of allied health professionals including physiotherapists, speech pathologists, psychologists and occupational therapists.

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Not only do our practitioners keep up with the latest research to inform the best possible clinical practice, but our clinicians are actively leading and participating in cutting-edge research. This underscores Soaring Health’s commitment to contributing to progress and improvement of treatment methodologies and outcomes within each of our disciplines. 


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