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How can coaching help me?

Whether you’re seeking greater life balance or looking to change your life or career direction, crave greater self-belief, or wish to experience the fulfilment and satisfaction that comes from reaching your potential, Thomastown life coaching is an effective and efficient practical discipline. One of the primary focuses of coaching is setting and reaching goals – which involves clarifying personal values and aspirations. Often feeling dissatisfied and failing to reach one’s potential is fundamentally based on lack of clarity about one’s own definition of personal success, which results in vague, unrealistic or scattergun goals without true commitment to their fruition or the steps required to reach them. As well as helping you to clarify and define your values and goals, a Soaring Health Thomastown life coach will help you to set action steps aligned with your goals and will help motivate you to complete them and realise a tangible outcome.

What can I expect from my first session?

In your first coaching session, you will discuss your primary goals – whether you already know them or need help to identify realistic target outcomes. This provides a foundation for the coaching relationship and work and ensures that the work has a clear focus with clearly defined outcomes. You may also discuss roadblocks that have hampered your success, your values and strengths and weaknesses, to help guide the coaching process.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

While the two disciplines both involve support to enact change and realise your potential, and psychotherapy types vary in their aims and methodology, a broad distinction is that coaching tends to be more immediate and practical. Unlike psychotherapy, which often works with thought patterns and core beliefs, Thomastown life coaching focuses primarily on clarifying goals and uses techniques that enable and motivate you to make the changes you need to in order to achieve them. Unlike therapists, who include psychologists and psychiatrists skilled in working with emotional and mental health issues, coaches tend to work with those who are in good mental health but who need some help to fulfil their potential.

How many sessions will I need? 

The coaching process is designed as an efficient means of making changes and reaching desired outcomes. Many Soaring Health Thomastown life coaching clients are surprised by how quickly they make tangible progress. However, each client’s coaching process is unique – depending on their goals and challenges and how well they tolerate and adapt to change (while some people tend to leap into new ways of thinking and behaving, others find it harder to relinquish habits). The length of the coaching relationship also depends on how confident a person feels in being able to maintain changes. Some people feel they need regular support for a longer duration – even once they’ve realised their goals. While it’s impossible to specify a timeframe or number of sessions, the essence of coaching is that you are in control of your own process and will ultimately decide the length of the work. 

Will a coach make me do things I don’t want to do?

No. A Thomastown performance coach is a supportive partner, not a drill sergeant – although you will need to be willing to work. Their role is to support you and your goals and values, cheerlead your wins and encourage self-belief, motivate and support you when the going gets tough and keep you accountable to the goals you wish to realise.