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Complex home modifications, supported by the NDIS and based on expert evaluations, enhance independent living by making significant structural changes tailored to individual needs.

Complex home modifications, meticulously tailored to an individual's specific requirements, serve as transformative solutions to boost independent functioning and safety within one's residence. These modifications arise from comprehensive evaluations conducted by Soaring Health's Thomastown experts occupational therapists and are often underpinned by support from the NDIS. Such revamps can encompass significant structural overhauls, such as expanding doorways or reimagining entire home layouts to bolster accessibility and ease of movement. Within the spectrum of home modifications recognised by the NDIS – which categorises them as simple, minor, and complex – it's the multifaceted characteristics, heightened financial implications, and potential risks associated with complex modifications that distinctly differentiate them. While simpler interventions might involve minor tasks like affixing grab rails or making non-structural tweaks to doorways, complex modifications frequently demand a thorough redesign and adaptation of numerous sections of a home to truly cater to the resident's needs.

Healthcare funding types


If you’re living with a disability, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of accessing the help you need. Not only can the required frequency of therapy can make paying fees unaffordable, funding provisions and onerous application processes can further delay treatment. At Soaring Health, we recognize the importance of accessing the therapeutic services you need, when you need them. As a registered NDIS provider, Soaring Health’s practitioners treat eligible participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). What’s more, our community coordinator and customer service team are well-versed in NDIS requirements and can help you to fast-track access to appropriate treatment.


When you suffer chronic pain and persistent medical conditions, it can be hard to keep up with healthcare costs. Financial worries may cause you to forgo treatment that would relieve debilitating symptoms and improve your level of functioning and quality of life. At Soaring Health, we believe in removing barriers to you receiving the treatment you need. In the case of chronic pain lasting six months or more, we can provide fully bulk-billed treatment for up to five visits per year under Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management plan or CDM (formerly called an EPC), so you can access the treatment services you need, when you need them, without being out of pocket.


Motor vehicle injuries can vary in severity from minor to life-changing. At Soaring Health, we strive to resolve all injuries caused by transport accidents and collisions. The services available to TAC clients at Soaring Health have been purposefully selected and tailored to address the physical, mental and emotional effects of injuries caused by road trauma. Part of our dedicated community division, this program of services is also designed to relieve the financial burden of your accident and ensure that you receive the treatment you need, when you need it, without out-of-pocket fees. You can access our services through the TAC as soon as you have a claim number, meaning you can dedicate your full focus to making an efficient and satisfying recovery.

My Aged Care

Many people associate the Australian government’s My Aged Care program purely with practical assistance with daily tasks and activities. But if you’re aged over 65, you may also be able to access Soaring Health services such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and home services fee-free through My Aged Care provisions, to enable you to maintain or regain capacities necessary for daily living, and relieve pain and conditions that may otherwise compromise your quality of life. Depending on your circumstances, you may ask your case manager to request these services as part of your support package.


Workplace accidents causing serious injury can be devastating. One minute you’re earning a reliable income. The next you’re plagued by uncertainty over when, or even whether, you’ll be able to return to work – not to mention navigating daily life with pain and physical limitations and facing out-of-pocket medical costs or delaying necessary treatment until your claims are processed. Part of the answer to how well you’ll recover depends on receiving the treatment you need, when you need it, and having a collaborative and integrated team of healthcare professionals who can work together to optimise your recovery and support your return to work and daily life.


Serving to protect one's country is a significant human act, but it can lead to lasting physical and mental challenges for veterans. Soaring Health works with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to provide veterans with comprehensive care at no cost to them, helping them return to civilian life. Eligible individuals can schedule an appointment by presenting their Veteran Card.

Modes of service

We provide therapeutic services for those unable to leave home due to health or mobility issues; bringing the necessary equipment and resources to their location.


We provide therapeutic services for those unable to leave home due to health or mobility issues; bringing the necessary equipment and resources to their location.

Available Services

  • Enhance or enable accessibility to home environments (e.g layout changes or widening doorways)
  • Enable greater safety and independence
  • Enable optimal integration of assistive technology and devices
  • Enable functional, safe use of spaces (e.g. kitchen) by reconfiguring benches and cupboards
  • and many more…
Soaring Health acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which our services are located.

We honour the strength and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and pay our respects to all Elders, past and present.
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