If you’re living with a disability, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of accessing the help you need. Not only can the required frequency of therapy can make paying fees unaffordable, funding provisions and onerous application processes can further delay treatment.

At Soaring Health, we recognise the importance of accessing the therapeutic services you need, when you need them. As a registered NDIS provider, Soaring Health’s practitioners treat eligible participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). What’s more, our community coordinator and customer service team are well-versed in NDIS requirements and can help you to fast-track access to appropriate treatment.

Clinical Consultations

We have designed our clinics to ensure that the Soaring Health experience is seamless, welcoming and therapeutic for clients with varying needs and abilities. Facilities such as ramps, wide corridors, hand rails, large change rooms and selected furniture enable seamless access to our state-of-the-art therapy rooms, which are equipped with all the resources required to provide you with a goal-driven, therapeutic consultation.

In Home Consultations

Soaring Health’s in-home services enable you to access the treatment and care you require in the comfort of your own home. In-home services also enable our physiotherapists to see your home environment and provide you with practical advice, recommendations and personalised do-it-yourself therapy to optimise your level of functioning. To find out whether home services are available in your area, please call our friendly team on (03) 9013-5987.

Community Consultations

Your Soaring Health practitioners are experienced in providing community consultations at community centres, respite centres, schools, aged care facilities and kindergartens. Soaring Health practitioners have the required training and authorisations to provide medical therapeutic services at these centres. Seeing our clients in these settings allows us to work on community participation goals, behavioural support plans and social interactions in different dynamic and real-life environments. Please speak to your Soaring Health practitioner about community consultations.

Telehealth Consultations

Soaring Health provided telehealth consultations well before the COVID pandemic. We have refined remote consultations to deliver seamless, secure, easy-to-join telehealth appointments while providing the same level of treatment service you’d receive with an in-person consultation. Connecting with your Soaring Health practitioner really is as simple as clicking a button, no matter where you are. As well as bypassing travel and mobility limitations, telehealth is recommended for clients with a compromised immune system. We strive to make your treatment experience as safe and convenient as possible.


NDIS exercise physiology service provider

When to see a Physiotherapist:

  • Pain (either acute or chronic pain issues)
  • Injuries (including muscular, tendinous, ligamentous and fractures)
  • Falls and balance issues
  • Mobility and gait issues
  • Difficulty with coordination
  • Vestibular issues (vertigo, falls, dizziness)
  • Physical Health or fitness goals identified (reduced capacity for work, rehabilitation).
  • Wanting to participate in sports
  • Delayed development and achievement of milestones
  • Wheelchair/bed bound (pressure care prevention, deep vein thrombosis prevention, contracture prevention)
  • Assistive Technology assessments, trials and prescription (items that will improve or help manage their physical health and prevent deterioration, eg; mobility aids, mattress, wheelchairs, exercise equipment).
  • Common conditions: Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, traumatic or acquired brain injuries, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, developmental delays, polio, hydrocephalus, plagiocephaly.
ndis occupational therapist

When to see to an Occupational Therapist:

  • Requires assistance with daily living tasks
  • Fine motor skill training (handwriting, grasp, tying shoelaces)
  • Using techniques to enhance sensory, perceptual and cognitive processing
  • Difficulties with multi-step activities (shopping, household duties, budgeting, caring for someone)
  • Requiring education regarding fatigue and needs a fatigue management plans
  • Difficulty with participating in leisure and play activities
  • Difficulty with social and community participation
  • Difficulty with finding work, or participation in work related duties
  • Assistive Technology assessments, trials and prescription (items that will assist activities of daily living, eg; shower chair, over-toilet seat, mattress, wheelchairs).
  • Home modification requirements (assessments, requests, builder audits)
  • Common conditions: sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, spinal cord and brain injuries, wheelchair or bed bound.
NDIS registered Dietitian

When to see to a Dietitian:

  • Recently diagnosed with diabetes, cardiovascular disease or any other metabolic or chronic condition.
  • Overweight or obese
  • Underweight or malnourished
  • Significant weight changes
  • Client reports issues with food intake, poor appetite, difficulty preparing or eating food.
  • Autoimmune conditions or inflammatory bowel diseases
  • IBS management and FODMAP diets
  • PEG feeds/nil oral intake
  • Changes in medication related to chronic condition
  • Client wanting to change lifestyle, begin a weight loss journey
  • Common conditions: diabetes, hypercholesteremia, cardiovascular disease, IBD, TBI/ABI, Cancer – actively receiving treatment or recently ceased.
ndis psychology provider

When to see to a Psychologist:

  • Child showing learning difficulties or reported by family
  • Children with poor emotional regulation
  • History of trauma disclosed
  • Disclosed inability to cope with life and circumstances + coping strategies
  • Individuals with a mental illness
  • People dealing with major health problems or life changes
Registed NDIS Speech and Language Pathology Provider

When to see to a Speech Pathologist:

  • Child is difficult to understand (observed or reported by family)
  • Non-verbal
  • Stutters
  • Difficulty speaking post-stroke or TBI/ABI
  • Hard of hearing/hearing impaired
  • Needs assistance with communicating with family, friends and carers
  • Social skills (eye-contact, turn-taking, perspective taking, asking for help, etc.)
  • Difficulty with swallowing safely, issues with chewing, lip seal – preventing safe swallowing and eating
  • Difficulty with oral intake due to issues with swallow
  • Common conditions: cerebral palsy, ASD, developmental/speech delays, Down syndrome, ABI/TBI, stroke.

Registration Groups & Support Categories

Soaring health core value on NDIS service
Soaring health capacity on NDIS services
Soaring health capital value on NDIS service


How much do you charge for the above Services you

Fees are charged at an hourly rate as per NDIS Price Guide and has already been included in your plan. They will appear on your statement as supports provided. You can request further detail at any time. All prices are GST inclusive (if applicable) and include the cost of providing the supports.

What makes Soaring Health Unique?
  1. We guarantee your participants get seen within 3 weeks
  2. We speak multiple languages
  3. Available when you need us. Our office is open 8 am-8 pm on weekdays and 8 am-6 pm weekends. We only close on Public holidays
  4. We can come to you
What Support Categories & Registration Groups is Soaring Health Registered for?
  • Improved Daily Living Skills
  • Improved Health & Wellbeing
  • Early Childhood Supports
  • Therapeutic Supports
  • Behaviour Support
  • Assistive technology
  • Assistive Equipment for recreation
  • Assistive products-Personal Care/Safety
  • Assistive products-Household Task
  • Personal mobility equipment
  • Improved Relationships
  • Home Modification
  • Group / Centre Activities
  • Exercise Physiology & Personal Training
Where are you located?
Thomastown & Craigieburn clinics. We provide home & telehealth consultations all over Melbourne.
Do you charge for travel?
Yes, Soaring Health charges a maximum of 30mins each way of travel. This is calculated from the nearest clinic to your home. This is billed at the standard rate of the practitioner. If we have multiple participants in your area, the travel is divided amongst the participants in the area.
Does Soaring Health provide Assessments & Reports?
  • Soaring Health provides extensive reports for NDIS review meetings. Each practitioner’s comprehensive report will assist participants in receiving required funding.
  • Physio, OT, Psych & Speech reports take between 1-4 hours on average to complete. Allocated times will be outlined in initial service agreement.
  • We also provide participants support coordinators initial and regular written reports as part of our service.
How do I make a secure referral?
You can make a referral 24/7 via our secure online form: ONLINE REFERRAL FORM We will contact you within 24 hours.