Information for NDIS Agencies and referral partners in Melbourne

Information for NDIS Organizations, Support Coordinators, Agencies and Referral Partners

As an NDIS agency, plan manager or support coordinator, you know how important it is to match your clients with the best possible treatment services and support. You also know how difficult it can be to align participants’ multifaceted needs with appropriate, streamlined, integrated treatment with consistent points of contact and progress monitoring.

Our key point of difference is that we are an all-in-one NDIS registered allied health centre with NDIS-registered therapeutic support practitioners who work collaboratively to provide optimal treatment tailored to each client’s needs. This not only makes case management more efficient (you’re liaising with one organisation, not three or four), but it helps to ensure that each participant’s treatment is acutely personalised, which promotes optimal progress and outcomes. Whether your client  requires NDIS occupational therapy, NDIS  speech therapy, an NDIS physiotherapist (with  or without hydrotherapy), NDIS psychologist,  NDIS dietetics, group therapy or a combination,  we invite you to become a referral partner to our  community division. We’d love to work with you to enrich lives so that people can go on living.  


Why choose Soaring Health?

Soaring Health short wait times illustration

Short wait times

We endeavour to book your participants in within 3 weeks of your referral.


Accredited health professionals

We have AHPRA-registered health professionals specialising in different diagnoses, conditions and age groups. Simply refer your participants to us and we’ll match them with the most suitable practitioner(s) or therapist(s).

Soaring Health Multi-Language service

Our staff speak multiple languages

We employ a diverse range of practitioners from various backgrounds and walks of life. If we don’t speak your language, we’ll arrange a free interpreter.

Soaring Health easy access service

Easy access and large consulting rooms

We provide a welcoming, accessible environment that makes the Soaring Health experience positive for clients of all abilities and needs.

Soaring Health home-care service

In-home care

We offer comprehensive home visits and assessments so your participants don’t need to come to us.

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Reduced travel fees

To make it easier for participants to access the services they need, we offer travel fees significantly below those set out in NDIS guidelines. By waiving fees for practitioners’ car kilometres and charging only for practitioners’ time, we are able to offer significant savings on every in-home and community appointment. For instance, if a Soaring Health physiotherapist needed to travel 25km to a participant’s place of residence or community setting, a participant would pay $20.50 less than NDIS guidelines. In effect, these unique travel fee savings enable participants to access more appointments, in turn optimising therapeutic outcomes.  


All therapy under one roof

Soaring Health provides all your allied health and therapy needs. You don’t need to worry about connecting different therapist with each other. We do that internally and efficiently saving you time and participant funds. It’s the most time and cost-effective way to manage participants NDIS therapy services.

Soaring Health Collaborative team culture

Collaborative in-synch clinic

All our practitioners collaborate with each other on a participant’s care and therapy. This means you don’t need to connect the appropriate practitioners. It’s automatic at Soaring Health. 

Soaring Health reliable services


We have a 100% success rate on sending comprehensive reports to support coordinators within 5 weeks of a plan’s end date. We ask for 2 weeks’ notice on NDIS plan review requests. All our reports are checked by a senior NDIS community practitioner to ensure that they convey the needs of your participants in the NDIS-specific format.

Soaring Health service collaboration

We're in this together

We ensure that every referral partner receives an initial report and regular updates about their participants. That way you know exactly what’s happening every step of the way. We also enable direct mobile and email support with our practitioners and therapists. 

Fun is a key ingredient in our evidence-based children’s occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy and psychology sessions. With colourful kids’ treatment rooms and access to the latest technology including virtual reality, our NDIS-registered paediatric practitioners work collaboratively with young clients and participants to realise their developmental goals and personal potential in a welcoming, supportive and positive environment. To learn more, discuss your child’s needs or make a referral, contact our friendly team on (03) 9013 5987, or click the following button to refer a patient.

Registration Groups & Support Categories


When to Refer to Soaring Health

Service Areas

Map of Soaring Health service areas in Melbourne


“The staff are all very knowledgeable about services and the NDIS scheme.”

“I felt as though I was treated like family.”

“The clinic environment is impressive. It’s super modern and impeccably clean while being comfortable and homely.”

“I was impressed by how soon my participant was able to see a practitioner and commence treatment.”


Soaring Health provides NDIS services to participants of all ages. Select the age of the participants you want to refer to Soaring Health for details on the specific services available.

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