Adults Group Therapy Programs

Group occupational therapy can greatly enhance the benefits of individual occupational therapy programs by cultivating a broad range of life and social skills, reducing social isolation and promoting greater life satisfaction. Designed and led by an occupational therapist and tailored to participants’ needs, this goal-directed modality enables participants to practise new roles, skills and tasks in a supportive practice environment, progressively improving confidence in their own abilities while providing the satisfaction and fulfillment of successful peer interaction. Suitable for clients aged from 21 to 95, adult group occupational therapy integrates education, activities and support to implement and maintain new roles and skills.

Group activities may include life skills such as self-care and home tasks, social skills training and community activities, vocational training such as preparation for voluntary or paid work, leisure activities such as arts and crafts and wellness activities such as mindfulness and breathing techniques, which encourage self-regulation and self-management. Safe physical activities and group hydrotherapy may also be used to promote maintenance and improvement of participants’ functional abilities. Group participants often leave with a sense of pride in newfound abilities and report greater life satisfaction and wellbeing.

Benefits of therapeutic groups
  • Support of independence and maintaining daily living skills
  • Engagement in safe physical activities to maintain functional abilities
  • Help with self-management (e.g. increased internal organisation and strengthened or re-established behaviour-management strategies)
  • Reduced feelings of social isolation through engagement with peers and staff
  • Practice of, and increased competency within, new and established roles
  • Increased pride and confidence through group contributions, fulfillment of roles and learning new skills
  • Increased quality of life and overall wellbeing through meaningful social engagement
Features of adult group program
• Educational

Client-centred and task-based skills training, such as functional training for self-care and social skills training for social interaction

• Activity

Social interaction with group members and community members; exploring and sustaining leisure interests and hobbies

• Support

Safe, supportive environment for people who require assistance and care

Types of therapeutic group activities
  • Life skills
  • Social skills training and community activities
  • Leisure activities (e.g. arts and crafts, physical activities)
  • Wellness activities (e.g. mindfulness, breathing techniques)
  • Group hydrotherapy (water-based exercise to maintain functional abilities)
Children’s Group Therapy Programs

Productive play is a crucial foundation for successful interaction with the world as well as a source of life satisfaction. Yet for many children with disabilities, developmental delays and diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder, play can pose a significant challenge, resulting in restricted play that impedes other developmental areas such as social and communication skills, and resulting in social isolation or withdrawal. Inhibited play also impedes the development of life and self-care skills.

Group therapy can vastly enhance a child’s social integration and quality of life through a range of group exercises and classes such as art and cooking, which simultaneously develop social and life skills and enhance self-confidence. Designed by a children’s occupational therapist, group recreation activities can help participants to identify their interests and connect with peers with common interests. Children often leave with a sense of connectedness, competence, accomplishment and satisfaction.

For children with challenging behaviours, engaging in satisfying leisure activities often results in decreased acting out – in part because the ability to entertain oneself helps participants to self-soothe and regulate their emotions and behaviours.

Social skills and communication skills
  • Promotes interaction with similar-aged peers and adults
  • Develops positive relationships with peers and improves confidence in socialising with others
  • Increases awareness of appropriate, context-specific social behaviour (e.g. no screaming and spitting in public)
  • Improves social skills (e.g. initiating conversation with peers, turn-taking)
  • Improves emotion regulation and self-soothing skills
  • Increases empathy with other people’s feelings and thoughts
Skill-related benefits
  • Improves body balance/coordination
  • Enhances daily activity skills (e.g. washing dishes, wiping table, organising/sorting materials, cleaning up)
  • Improves bimanual hand function
  • Improves gross and fine motor skills (e.g. holding a pen/ball)
Types of groups
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Physical activities and exercises
  • Art and craft activities
  • Cooking class
Group Therapy Clinical Consultations

We have designed our clinics to ensure that the Soaring Health experience is seamless, welcoming and therapeutic for clients with varying needs and abilities. Facilities such as ramps, wide corridors, hand rails, large change rooms and selected furniture enable seamless access to our state-of-the-art therapy rooms, which are equipped with all the resources required to provide you with a goal-driven, therapeutic consultation.

Community Group Therapy

Your Soaring Health practitioners are experienced in providing community consultations at community centres, respite centres, schools, aged care facilities and kindergartens. Soaring Health practitioners have the required training and authorisations to provide medical therapeutic services at these centres. Seeing our clients in these settings allows us to work on community participation goals, behavioural support plans and social interactions in different dynamic and real-life environments. Please speak to your Soaring Health practitioner about community consultations.

Telehealth Consultations

Soaring Health provided telehealth consultations well before the COVID pandemic. We have refined remote consultations to deliver seamless, secure, easy-to-join telehealth appointments while providing the same level of treatment service you’d receive with an in-person consultation. Connecting with your Soaring Health practitioner really is as simple as clicking a button, no matter where you are. As well as bypassing travel and mobility limitations, telehealth is recommended for clients with a compromised immune system. We strive to make your treatment experience as safe and convenient as possible.