The Soaring Health Method has helped everyday athletes reach their dreams and has the potential to do the same for you. It has been designed to replicate the same service elite athletes recieve at major sporting organizations.

This unique method has received multiple service awards and featured in leading health and wellness media including Women’s Health & Fitness, The Good Health Channel & Healthy Lifestyle.It has been presented at leading national exhibitions including the Australian Fitness Exhibitions, Australian Health & Fitness Expo and Filex.

The Soaring Health

1. Individual Goals & Plans

The first part of this process is to learn about your individual goals and plans. You may want to beat a certain time or run

2. Current Injuries & Condition

Injuries can be a stumbling block to reaching your goals. We evaluate your injuries and see how you can not only return to sp

3. Postural Assessment & Physical Symmetry

Posture tells a lot about the way you move and how symmetrical your body is. It also gives us an insight into the way you sta

4. Assesment of flexibility

Once we know what your body is doing when you're standing still, it's important to see what happens when you move.

5. Balance/ Gravity Line

Balance tests give us a clear view of the brain and body communicate. It also demonstrates how both sides of the body are fun

6. Functional Testing

A functional test comprises a unique set of tests that are relevant to your current sports, injuries and goals. They may invo

7. Muscle symetry testing

Muscle strength is important but even more important is muscle symmetry. Muscles on either side of the body should be able t

8. Treatment Plan & Timeline

The entire assessment process leads up to this point. The treatment plan is designed to ensure you reach your goals while imp

9. Treatment

Treatment is provided by the relevant health practitioners. If there is a service we don't currently provide, we will refer

10. Take Home Exercises

We believe real success comes from the things you are doing regularly. We will provide you with video exercises which compli

11. 4 week follow-up

At the completion of you treatment you will be doing all the things you set at your health goals. We will follow up your la