Graphic Designer

Our in-house graphic designer Claudia is a born creative with an uncommon flair for capturing the complexities of health and wellness. Her ability to take the perspective of groups with differing life experiences, understand diverse needs and translate information into meaningful visual symbols are integral to our ability to communicate with our various Soaring Health communities. A team player armed with boundless creative energy and dedication, Claudia translates the Soaring Health brand, values and ethos into a multifaceted visual identity. Any encounter you have with the Soaring Health logo or colours, from a flyer to SH socks, owes to Claudia’s strategic conception of colours and shapes. Her work is at once art and an intricate science, which benefit both from formal design qualifications from one of Melbourne’s most esteemed design colleges, and visual inspiration from her daily life and passions for nature, art and music. “I’m incessantly creative and constantly aiming to enrich my own life and better understand and help others, so working for Soaring Health is the perfect culmination. It’s rewarding on so many levels,” she says.