Provisional Psychologist

An enduring fascination with the brain, mind and soul and democratic belief that mental health difficulties are by-products of being human inspired provisional psychologist Dani to pursue a career helping people to realise personal peace, satisfaction and wellbeing. “I’d like to help to remove the stigma of both mental health conditions and problematic experiences of common mental challenges, from chronic stress or overwhelm to unstable moods or difficulties regulating emotions,” she says. With palpable warmth and empathy and extensive formal qualifications including criminology, this human-centred practitioner leverages a combination of evidence-based techniques and the therapeutic relationship itself, which has been shown by a critical mass of research to profoundly contribute to the therapeutic effects of psychotherapy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, client feedback attests that Dani contradicts intimidating stereotypes of mental health professionals. “There’s no great mystery. I’m human too,” she says. “I can’t read minds, but hopefully I can help clients to collaboratively explore their minds and inner worlds and realise their best possible experience of life and wellbeing.”  


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    (SEP 2020)