Occupational Therapist

After studying kinesiology, working in the ASD program introduced JJ to the scope of occupational therapy and inspired a career change. Armed with an impressive knowledge of the latest evidence-based techniques, resources, and programs, from complex home modifications to play-based therapy, JJ prides herself on creating collaborative relationships that enable individuals to maximize their abilities and overcome their limitations.

Among her most rewarding professional experiences, JJ recalls providing 12 months of home-based intervention to a non-verbal client, who could, after therapy, say simple sentences and take care of herself independently. “It is difficult to compare the sense of excitement and pride in a client’s determination and tenacity when they become able to do something they didn’t believe possible. It’s an honour to be a partner in that journey,” JJ says. A self-proclaimed ‘learning enthusiast’, JJ combines her knowledge of cutting-edge research with a genuine investment in clients’ needs and goals to facilitate desired outcomes.


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