Dr John Ghali’s motivation for studying chiropractic epitomises the Soaring Health mission of enriching lives. “I wanted to be able to help people to thrive and to achieve better quality of life for every client,” he says. The comprehensive anatomical knowledge acquired through a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Applied Science (Chiropractic), and Dr Ghali’s vast clinical experience, are evident in his attention to detail, multimodal approach and ability to assess complex needs and integrate chiropractic with complementary treatments such as physiotherapy to optimise client outcomes.

With a down-to-earth manner that immediately puts clients at ease, Dr Ghali is known for his collaborative approach to the practitioner-client relationship. “Our role as healthcare professionals is not just to ‘fix’ immediate concerns, but also to educate clients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by advising them on controlling aggravating stressors. This may mean replacing bad habits with good ones by setting small, achievable goals. Ultimately, my objective is clients’ long-term health and wellbeing.”


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    (AUG 2020)