A lifelong interest in health and factors that enable optimal physical and mental wellbeing led Soaring Health dietitian Melinda to pursue a career in nutrition. While her formal science qualifications (Bachelor of Nutrition Science and Master of Dietetics) equip Melinda to devise targeted, evidence-based nutrition recommendations to address specific health goals, from weight loss to food allergy strategies and diabetes management, this down-to-earth practitioner doesn’t merely practice from a textbook. Described by colleagues and clients as ‘empathetic and a great listener’, Melinda treats each client relationship as a collaborative team effort. “I am committed to person-centred care and providing tailored advice to best support you in achieving your health and nutrition goals. I am not the ‘food police’ but am here to work with you so that you can achieve your health goals,” she says. This individualised approach results in an emphasis on personal health and lifestyle factors and realistic, empowering, practical solutions. Her belief in collaboration also explains why Melinda frequently works with other members of a clients’ healthcare team, including GPs and psychologists. “I believe strongly in a multidisciplinary team approach to best support clients in achieving their health and wellbeing goals. For example, individuals with eating disorders will always have better health outcomes if they are also receiving support from a psychologist as well as dietetics,” she says.