Senior Physiotherapist & Head of Allied Health

A Soaring Health fixture since 2017, Nav has a vast range of physiotherapy experience including hospitals, nursing homes, community health centres and private practice. This diverse foundation has equipped him with the expertise, clinical judgment and empathic bedside manner to optimally manage clients with complex needs, including rehabilitation post-surgery, TAC recovery and pain management.

He is equally highly knowledgeable and skilled in sports-related physiotherapy, from injury recovery and management to performance improvement through strength and conditioning training. For everyday musculoskeletal injuries and pain (think the ‘driveway ankle roll’ or ‘grocery bag back twinge’), Nav not only works to restore full movement and relieve pain as quickly as possible, he also educates clients in basic anatomy and exercises and preventative measures, to ensure that they remain injury and pain-free long term.

Often seen walking between the Soaring Health consulting suites and pool, Nav employs a range of therapeutic practices including manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, dry needling, exercise prescription and hydrotherapy in the optimal combination for each client.


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