Senior Psychologist

An intricate understanding of human thought, emotions and behaviour is part of the reason Soaring Health psychologist Prishni is so highly regarded by clients and colleagues. But her human-centred approach, palpable empathy and genuine investment in helping clients to live more satisfying lives are what truly set this therapist apart.

Skilled in applying gold-standard evidence-based talk therapy techniques, and well-versed in the underlying causes of thought and behaviour patterns from a Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Honours) and Master of Educational Psychology, Prishni primarily relies on her less-common ability to listen and reflect (scientific literature suggests that the therapeutic relationship is as, or more, important than specific techniques).

Often described as ‘gentle’, she non-judgmentally helps clients to arrive at new awareness and find their own solutions – no matter what their background, starting point or challenges. This ability to empathise and build rapport with diverse personality types, ages and cultures also explains her passion for, and success, working with children with autism.