Occupational Therapist
Education and Research Officer

With a physiotherapist father, Japanese-born Yuho’s passion for improving people’s quality of life may run in the family. But it was realising quite how much the support of an occupational therapist could transform people’s lives, as well as lament at how little most people know about the discipline, that inspired the Bachelor of Exercise Science alumnus to complete a Master of Occupational Therapy.

Armed with a holistic view of each person and their daily activities and needs, high-level knowledge of anatomy and health conditions, intricate understanding of funding programs and a caring and curious nature, Yuho has an uncommon capacity to imagine the practical and emotional challenges faced by each client and devise creative solutions that enable people to defy their perceived limitations.

Few things are more rewarding than witnessing the shift in mindset from ‘can’t’ to ‘can’ and seeing a person grow in independence and confidence, he says. A broad knowledge base of complementary disciplines such as physiotherapy and dietetics means Yuho is also able to recommend and collaborate with other Soaring Health professionals to get the best results for each client.


  • blank Research Paper Reward (SEP 2020)
  • blank Expert Matter Speaker
    (SEP 2020)
  • blank Badge of Honour
    (AUG 2020)