A specialised variation on the globally-lauded exercise discipline of Pilates, clinical Pilates is overseen by a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist and tailored to each participant’s anatomy to facilitate healing and recovery and optimise function.

Appropriate for rehabilitating a range of injuries and conditions from lower back pain to hypermobility, clinical Pilates promotes healing and guards against injury by improving balance, stability and posture, strengthening and toning muscle and enhancing mobility while helping to prevent injury and injury recurrence.

Conducted in a small group setting or one-to-one consultation, clinical Pilates can also be used by elite or semi-elite athletes and dancers to enhance performance by improving movement patterns, and to minimise risk of injury from repetitive sport-specific movements.

One-on-one Clinical Pilates

Ideal for transitioning from intensive hands-on physiotherapy to self-management as recovery progresses, one-on-one Clinical Pilates enables participants to learn correct technique for exercises specially prescribed by a Soaring Health Thomastown and Craigieburn physio based on injury type and recovery stage and goals.

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Group Class Clinical Pilates

Overseen by a physiotherapist and tailored to participants’ needs, these small group clinical Pilates classes are an excellent way to maintain gains and corrections made during recovery. Regular attendance can also help prevent recurrence of injury or relapse into old habits and patterns that may trigger musculoskeletal pain and injuries.

Who can benefit from clinical Pilates?
  • Athletes at any level recovering from injury
  • Those with acute and chronic injuries and health conditions that limit movement
  • Those returning to gym or exercise after injury or illness
  • Those transitioning from intensive physiotherapy
  • Older people suering balance issues
  • Women approaching menopause and encountering muscle loss and weakness
  • People with diminished bone density or osteoporosis
Soaring Health physios provide the following clinical Pilates services
  • One-on-one clinical Pilates
  • Small group clinical Pilates
Issues that may be treated with clinical Pilates
  • Lower back pain
  • Hypermobility
  • Poor posture
  • Balance issues
  • Limited mobility from pain or injury
  • Recurring injuries and muscle and joint vulnerabilities
  • Decline in muscle mass and/or strength
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Vulnerabilities responsible for recurring injuries
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Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga combines the clinical aspects of physiotherapy with postures borrowed from yoga to promote flexibility, balance and strength in muscles and joints. Administered by a physiotherapist with yoga experience, it is especially useful for building resilience after injury, reducing the risk of recurring dysfunction.

In cases where a musculoskeletal complaint or pain (think a locked-up neck) has resulted incrementally from overloading caused by poor posture or other imbalances and overcompensation, targeted postures can strengthen supporting muscles and correct alignment to relieve pain, restore freedom of movement and prevent injuries that may, in time, result from unseen vulnerabilities. A Soaring Health Thomastown physiotherapist can also guide yoga enthusiasts limited by injury or pain in a suitable modified practice, enabling them to safely return to regular mat practice.

Who can benefit from therapeutic yoga?
  • Yoga enthusiasts whose practice is limited by injury or chronic pain
  • Those seeking to enhance flexibility and correct misalignments or imbalances that may in time cause injury or impair motion
  • Those seeking to minimise risk of recurring injury after rehabilitation/recovery
  • Those seeking to improve posture
Services offered by Soaring Health’s yoga-trained physiotherapists
  • Assessment of domains of fitness including balance and flexibility
  • Recommendation of postures and/or sequences tailored to goals
  • Education/instruction in performing recommended postures and/or sequences for maximum therapeutic benefit
Issues treated or managed with therapeutic yoga
  • Impaired flexibility and/or balance
  • Vulnerabilities after rehabilitation/recovery from injury
    (promoting resilience and preventing recurrence)
  • Conditions resulting from imbalances and overcompensation (e.g. wry neck)
  • Conditions causing chronic or intermittent pain (e.g. arthritis)
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