At Soaring Health, we believe that regular spinal assessment is an integral part of maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. As part of our community focus and commitment to enriching lives, we are proud to introduce the free spinal checks community program initiative at Hume City Council’s Splash Aqua Park and Leisure Centre Bunjil Wellness Centre.

What to expect from your free spinal assessment?

Your spinal health check with a Soaring Health chiropractor will take about 30 minutes. While this is purely an assessment and no treatment will be provided, you will leave our clinic with a clear picture of your spinal health and how it relates to any symptoms or health conditions you may have and your overall wellbeing. Based on your assessment, your practitioner will provide clear, easy-to-understand information and insights that empower you to take control of your body and lifestyle for optimal health and wellbeing.

If your assessment suggests that you may benefit from chiropractic treatment, you will also be equipped with a detailed recommendation and clear expectations about predicted progress and outcomes. We pride ourselves not only on exceptional treatment, but on a transparent, collaborative approach between practitioner and client.

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How does the spine affect overall health?

Your spine not only provides a vital structural scaffold, it is also the critical link between your brain and the rest of your body – which is why spinal injuries often have such debilitating consequences. Your spine affects your entire central nervous system. It makes sense, then, that even small or gradual spine changes that may initially have no symptoms and go unnoticed can result in significant symptoms and impairments.

Common changes to the spine include loss of correct balance and posture, which impairs nervous system function and can eventually present as pain, pressure or muscle spasms. Decreased spinal function can also undermine the body’s own healing mechanisms.

On the flip side, maintaining good spinal health with regular checks can facilitate optimal healing, leading to better overall health.

Why chiropractic?

Many people assume symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, stiffness and numbness are due to stress, dehydration, nutrient deficiencies or viruses. And while they certainly can result from other causes, it’s more common than you might think for such symptoms to indicate adverse changes related to the spine. Chiropractic (from the Greek words for ‘hands’ and ‘practice’) is a holistic, hands-on, drug-free healthcare discipline that comprehensively assesses and treats conditions and disorders of the musculoskeletal system with an emphasis on the contribution of the nervous system.

Prevention is better than a cure

Often, the reason we learn of a health condition or illness is pain or other symptoms that impede our ability to function. Unfortunately, pronounced symptoms tend to indicate that a condition, injury or illness has progressed. In fact, without a spinal health check, few people would be aware of gradual deterioration to spinal balance, or even of conditions such as increased curvature, muscle weakness or spinal degeneration.

While chiropractic treatment is effective for treating many spinal conditions, even at more advanced stages, we believe it’s preferable to keep you well in the first place or treat an emerging problem early rather than ‘fix’ serious dysfunction later. We look forward to helping you to be well and stay well.

To book your free spinal assessment now, simply click here or on the booking button at the bottom of this page.

Signs and symptoms of poor spinal health
  • Headaches
  • Low back pain
  • Thoracic spine tightness
  • Loss or range of movement
  • Pelvic instability
  • Reccuring muscle tightness
  • Disc pain and inflammation
  • Poor posture
  • Pain with prolonged walking, sitting or standing
  • Referring nerve pain in arms or leg
What does a spinal health check involve?      

     This comprehensive assessment covers:

  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Orthopaedic assessment
  • Range of motion and flexibility
  • Tenderness in spinal bones, joints, muscles and other soft tissues
  • Neurological testing
  • Overall health and wellbeing, medical history and lifestyle factors