Thomastown Hydrotherapy


The healing power of water is steeped in folklore and rituals the world over. But its ability to facilitate recovery from injury and illness also rests on a solid body of science. Hydrotherapy in Thomastown is, as the name suggests, the therapeutic use of water. Also known as ‘aquatic physiotherapy’, it harnesses the buoyancy of water to support muscles and joints through specific movements without the gravitational weight loading of land-based exercise, which can overburden and even re-injure weakened joints and muscles. Credited to 19th century Bavarian monk Sebastian Kneipp, hydrotherapy has become an indispensable component of many rehabilitation programs. Able to reduce pain and swelling, hydrotherapy is often used by physiotherapists to complement hands-on techniques to support and promote efficient recovery from injury – whether incurred through sport, accident or wear and tear resulting in pain and limited movement. At Soaring Health Thomastown, hydrotherapy may also be used to relieve the discomfort of chronic pain in conditions such as arthritis and enable restorative exercises that may otherwise be thwarted by pain and stiffness – potentially reducing symptom severity in the longer term. 

  • Physiotherapy and chiropractic clients seeking to complement healing promoted by hands-on physiotherapy
  • Those unable to perform land-based, weight-bearing exercise due to joint pain or dysfunction
  • Sufferers of chronic pain conditions and associated discomfort
  • Rehabilitation candidates
  • Muscular tension and muscle spasm
  • Pain due to injury
  • Pain due to chronic conditions such as arthritis
  • Stiffness and weakness after muscle or joint surgery (e.g. reconstruction or replacement)
  • Muscle weakness and/or movement limitations after illness or prolonged break from resistance exercise
  • Swelling
  • Balance and stability issues