Freedom from food allergies and intolerances

Do you or your child experience stomach pain or bloating, headaches, respiratory problems or skin flare-ups that aren’t explained by a medical condition? Perhaps you suspect that your symptoms coincide with consuming certain foods and have become fearful of eating? You may have gone gluten- or lactose-free but noticed no improvement? These frustrating experiences are common among people who suffer from undiagnosed or unmanaged food intolerances and allergies – and for parents of children who suffer. 

Our dietitians can help to identify and address food allergies and intolerances and free you from their limitations.

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Allergy versus intolerance

The fundamental difference between an allergy and intolerance is that allergies occur through an abnormal immune system reaction to an element in food, resulting in severe symptoms from skin hives to swelling around the mouth, respiratory difficulties and anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening. Affecting an estimated one per cent of adults, food allergy management requires total avoidance of trigger foods while substituting for missing nutrients. Food intolerances are far more common and do not involve the immune system but can still produce significant symptoms including headaches, skin rashes and gastrointestinal upsets. The good news is that both allergies and intolerances can be managed with assessment by, and recommendations from, an accredited practising dietitian (APD).

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How a dietitian can help

Our dietitians are qualified and experienced to scientifically identify and address specific food intolerances and allergies and help you to modify your diet to prevent reactive symptoms while ensuring that you don’t miss out on important nutrients (which is a risk with DIY elimination diets). By thoroughly assessing your diet and lifestyle, medical history and status and symptom patterns and staging a targeted elimination diet, a dietitian can pinpoint specific offending constituents in foods, from FODMAPs such as fructose and lactose to cow’s milk protein and natural chemicals such as salicylates and amines, and educate you in ways to manage intolerances while enjoying the freedom and flexibility to eat what you like without fear. For those diagnosed with a food allergy or coeliac disease, a dietitian can help to replace offending foods within a flexible eating framework.

We can

If you’re a private client,  you don’t need a referral. Simply click below to book online now or make an appointment by phone by calling (03) 9013 5987. Patients on a chronic disease management (CDM) plan need to obtain a referral from a medical practitioner. For clients eligible for services through NDIS, TAC, WorkCover, DVA or My Aged Care, a medical practitioner can complete enrolment requirements during a consultation. 

Common conditions and symptoms we can address in adults and children include:

  • Stomach/digestive symptoms (bloating, pain, gas, constipation, diarrhoea)
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Skin reactions such as hives, rashes or eczema
  • Persistent fatigue or feeling ‘run-down’
  • Sinus congestion
  • Brain fog or irritability and attention problems
  • Coeliac disease
  • Diagnosed food allergy
Weight loss dietitian meal plan
Soaring Health Accredited Practising Dietitian - Melinda


- Dietitian

“Dietetics is most effective when it’s harmonious with each person’s goals and motivation, lifestyle, capacities and preferences and broader healthcare management. I am committed to person-centred care and providing tailored advice to best support individuals to achieve their health and nutrition goals,” says Soaring Health dietitian Melinda. This collaborative approach extends to consulting with clients’ other medical and allied health providers. “I believe strongly in a multidisciplinary team approach to best support clients in achieving their health and wellbeing goals.” – Melinda, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

Online consulting

If you can’t get to our clinics or feel more comfortable in your own home, our dietitians can provide online consulting for food intolerances and allergies. All you need is an internet connection to receive full clinical dietetics consultations via video at your convenience. 

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2 convenient clinic locations

Our two clinics are conveniently located and offer appointments to fit in with your busy schedule. We’re open 6 days with 8am-8pm weekday opening hours. Choose a clinic to suit you.

Thomastown Clinic

Located in: Thomastown Recreation & Aquatic Centre

Address: 54 Main Street, Thomastown VIC 3074

Open Hours:

Weekdays: 8am-8pm

Saturdays: 8am-2pm

Craigieburn Clinic

Located in: Splash Aqua Park and Leisure Centre

Address: 60 Central Park Ave, Craigieburn VIC 3064

Open Hours:

Weekdays: 8am-8pm

Saturdays: 8am-6pm

Templestowe Lower Clinic

Located in: Templestowe Lower Clinic

Address: 139 Williamsons Rd, Templestowe Lower VIC 3107

Open Hours:

Weekdays: 8am-8pm

Saturdays: 8am-6pm

Fees, subsidies and rebates

The fees for private clients for standard 60-minute and 30-minute dietetics consultations are $194 and $80. Eligible private insurance policies may offer rebates on dietetics. Clients with a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan may be eligible for Medicare-subsidised consultations. NDIS participants and patients eligible for My Aged Care, TAC, WorkCover and DVA may be eligible for no-gap dietetics consultations.