3 Things Elite Athletes do in their spare time

1. Stretch and 'Roll Out.'

Athletes rarely sit still for a long time and neither should you. Get down on the floor and go through a stretching routine. Spinal, upper legs and hips are most important. Everyone should have a foam roller handy to further ‘self-massage’ those tight spots.

2. Replace energy stores and stay hydrated:

Eat nutrient dense foods post training to help recovery. A banana and some nuts would be perfect. Then 2 hours later a well-balanced meal.
Drink water. All the time. Every day. Especially after training.

3. Flush out the waste

Low-intensity exercise and movement helps shift the waste products that exercise leaves in the muscle cells, Lactic acid for example. Going for a walk or bike ride will help speed up post training soreness and recovery.

4 and 5.

Ok, I lied, here’s two more. Get 8 hours of Sleep! And see your Chiropractor stay in soaring health!

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