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Sports Treatment & Services

Initial Athlete Assessment

Initial $80

Every athlete aspires to peak performance, but how do you know what your best is – let alone achieve it? Fulfilling your potential in any sport means optimising function in relevant areas and setting goals accordingly. In an initial athlete assessment, Soaring Health’s experienced practitioners and therapists will empower you with the knowledge you need to set realistic performance goals and provide a unique individual intervention plan to tangibly help you achieve them, based on a comprehensive medical history and full suite of assessments including a postural exam, joint mobility test, muscle testing, orthopaedics test and dynamic function evaluation.

Sports Chiropractic Adjustment

Initial $80 / Short $65 / Long $110

Whether joint pain or stiffness is undermining your sports performance and training, or you’d just like to be sure that you’re functioning at your best (is your posture as good as it could be?), a Soaring Health sports chiropractic adjustment can return you to peak form. Experienced working with elite athletes and Olympians, our performance-focused sports chiropractors will locate and correct any misalignments in your spine, in turn removing barriers to optimal function and enabling you to feel and achieve your personal best.

Sports Injury Physiotherapy Consultation

Initial $110 | Standard $80 | Long $110

If sports and physical activity are a key part of your lifestyle, you probably know the frustration of being on the sideline – whether missing a big match due to an acute injury or losing hard-earned progress when a niggling injury flares. While it can be tempting to ‘push through’ or return to your sport as soon as the pain subsides, left unaddressed, injuries can worsen without you knowing (until next time you’re laid up on the couch). A Soaring Health physiotherapist will assess your injury and help to accelerate your recovery and return to peak performance while providing preventative therapy to keep you injury-free long term.

Sports Myotherapy

1 Hour $80 / 30 Mins $55

While many factors affecting sports performance are complex, hidden and elusive (hello, mindset), some are more amenable to a simple fix. For instance, tight muscles, scar tissue and even persistent soft tissue injuries can all be to blame for subtle or obvious slumps on the field, court or track. Yet all can be corrected with a sports myotherapy massage. A Soaring Health myotherapist will identify the source of dysfunction and use targeted techniques such as dry needling, soft tissue and deep tissue massage, fascia release techniques, cupping therapy and stretches to release tight muscles, remove scar tissue and repair soft tissue injuries.

Functional Foot Scan

Scan and Report of Findings $35

They don’t get the credit on match or race day, but your foot’s arches play a major role in how well you move and perform – as well as predicting injury-proneness. Arch type and your foot’s natural motion pattern inform a kind of biomechanical profile that relates to postural stance and musculoskeletal tensions. Taking measures to account for these factors can not only optimise performance now, but prevent wear and tear that may, over time, cause undue stress, pain and injury to joints and muscles. At Soaring Health, a Foot Levelers functional foot scan will assess each foot’s three arches and diagnose and prescribe measures and actions (including orthotics if needed) to ensure your feet work as hard towards your performance goals as you do.


Initial (60mins)- $190 | Standard (30mins)- $110 | Group $25

The path back from injury to full training and peak performance can be a tough balancing act of rest and activity that strengthens damaged joints and muscles without over-taxing them (doing too much too soon will prolong recovery time and potentially worsen injuries). Whether you’re nursing a tendon injury or muscle tear or recovering from a joint replacement, hydrotherapy can help by enabling resistance training of weak and injured muscles without adding undue stress, while reducing joint pain and swelling and promoting muscle relaxation.

Sports Dietetics

Initial $80 | Standard $65

Far more than an energy source, for athletes and sportspeople, food is fuel that can influence whether you reach your best performance. Leveraging the functional power of nutrients such as specific amino acids, and exploiting metabolic pathways with food types, combinations and timings, can take your results to the next level. Based on a comprehensive assessment of your performance goals, training and lifestyle, a Soaring Health dietitian will provide a personalised, practical, science-based meal plan and food recommendations that turn your body into a finely-tuned machine and enable you to realise your potential.

Sports Clubs Sideline Program

$250/week (2 hours training + 4 hours game day)

Few phrases unsettle coaches and trainers like ‘injury layoffs’. Yet unfortunately, for non-elite teams, lack of access to expert injury first aid and appropriate treatment referral often prolong bench time. Evidence shows that correct immediate management of an injury can significantly reduce recovery time. Enter Soaring Health’s unique Sideline Program, which provides teams in any sport, at any level, with a dedicated certified sports trainer to manage the team’s first aid and injuries – tangibly reducing injury time off. With a record of reducing sports clubs’ athlete injury time off by up to 60 per cent, the program provides a graduate chiropractic, physiotherapy or osteopathy university student to attend your team’s training and matches, administer injury first aid (including appropriate medical referrals), and provide guidance with rehabilitation – helping to keep your best team in winning form.

Wellness Treatment & Services

Remedial Massage

60 Mins $80 / 30 Mins $55

Whether you’re plagued by nagging muscle tension or frustrated by a limited range of movement, suffer acute or chronic pain, or just want a holistic (not to mention relaxing) way to restore your body’s balance, remedial massage is a safe, gentle, effective treatment that harnesses the body’s natural healing processes – such as encouraging blood supply to tight or injured muscles to promote removal of toxins. Administered by Soaring Health’s remedial massage therapists, each treatment is tailored to your personal health and wellness goals and will leave you feeling better while promoting long-term healing.

Wellness Chiropractic Adjustment

Initial $80 / Short $65 / Long Consultation $110

Feeling truly well means being free to move as you wish. But since optimal movement relies on myriad hidden factors, it can be hard to recognise when your movement has become compromised (until you try to nail that yoga pose or embark on a painful DIY project). Using a novel blend of rich sensory feedback that engages the brain to improve sensorimotor control, a precision adjustment by a Soaring Health chiropractor can help restore movement to joints of the spine and body while releasing spinal tension and improving posture.

Dietetics & Nutritional Review

Initial $190 / Short $80

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of nutrition on wellbeing (what’s one sneaky morning croissant?). Yet an unbalanced diet or diet incompatible with your body’s needs can cause all kinds of physical and mental health issues – from erratic mood and energy, to cravings and weight gain, and poor sleep and daytime fatigue. Dietary mistakes can also cause or exacerbate health issues such as bloating and IBS, headaches and skin conditions. Whether you’re seeking to naturally heal a specific health issue or just want to experience how well you can feel when your body is optimally nourished, a Soaring Health dietitian will review your food intake, food preferences and lifestyle and recommend achievable, sustainable changes to help meet your goals (no bland or labour-intensive meal plan required).


$251 / hour

Once steeped in mystery and associated purely with mental illness, psychology is now recognised as a powerful, proactive tool for realising personal wellbeing. Whether you have a known sticking point at home or work, seek more satisfying relationships or aspire to greater peace, a Soaring Health psychologist will use evidence-based techniques to encourage you to explore your own wishes, needs and solutions and support you in implementing changes aligned with your goals. A psychologist can also identify and address issues such as clinical depression and anxiety and provide referral for medication assessment.

Women's Health Physiotherapy

Initial $190 | Standard $80 | Long $110

Attending to your musculoskeletal health as a new mum is not just a matter of sliding back into your favourite jeans. While women’s health physiotherapists can provide pre- and post-partum treatment and exercises to minimise both visible and hidden effects of childbirth in the immediate and longer term (early intervention can minimise issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction), by staying abreast of medical information such as ultrasound results, they can also provide a personalised treatment plan tailored to each stage of your pregnancy, equipping your body to handle the conditions of your pregnancy and minimising the risk of complications with processes such as breastfeeding. A women’s health physiotherapist can also help prevent and manage troubling symptoms of menopause.

Children's Health Physiotherapy

Initial $190 | Standard $80 | Long $110

Children’s bodies demand specialised knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions related to rapid growth and development to determine whether issues such as gross motor dysfunction, gait impairment or balance issues require intervention or will resolve naturally. They also require in-depth awareness of the delicate nature of bones and muscles yet to reach full development. A Soaring Health physiotherapist will comprehensively assess your child’s physical function and formulate a realistic, simple, fun treatment plan your child will be able to follow as well as showing you how to implement and supervise exercises at home.

Clinical Pilates

Initial (60mins)- $190 | Standard (30mins)- $110 | Group $25

Pilates has earned a reputation as a preventative weapon against damage from poor lifestyle habits (think ‘car-seat-slump back’ and ‘iPad-on-sofa neck’) due to its attention to core strength. Clinical Pilates takes core work to the next level by integrating Pilates techniques with the specialist knowledge of a physiotherapist – making it a powerful practice for both prevention and rehabilitation and healing. In this personalised session, a Soaring Health physiotherapist will tailor and guide your clinical Pilates routine to prevent progression of any hidden issues and help with rehabilitation of existing injuries by retraining your core and stabilisation muscles to support your spine and posture.

Therapeutic Yoga

Initial (60mins)- $190 | Standard (30mins)- $110 | Group $33

Anyone who has spent time on the mat knows the immense power of yoga. You feel longer. More flexible. Nurtured back to leap-out-of-bed wellbeing. Therapeutic yoga amplifies the healing benefits of yoga practice by integrating postures with therapeutic principles overseen by an experienced physiotherapist with yoga teacher training. Whether you’re avoiding downward dog due to pain or an acute or niggling injury and need a musculoskeletal expert to guide you in a modified practice, or you’d like to restore your body’s optimal movement and flexibility while reaping the benefits of yoga, Soaring Health’s therapeutic yoga is the best of both worlds.


Initial (60mins)- $190 | Standard (30mins)- $110 | Group $33

You don’t need to be suffering acute pain or injury to benefit from the healing power of water. Delivered in a warm indoor pool, hydrotherapy harnesses the buoyancy of water to relieve muscle spasm, aches and pains and enable effective exercise without placing pressure on joints. Tailored to your needs by a Soaring Health physiotherapist, hydrotherapy can also expedite rehabilitation after injury, help you transition back to weight-bearing activity after time out, or assist with management of chronic pain.

Community Treatment & Services


Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, Medicare (CDM), DVA and My Aged Care clients

Remaining physically well and active and maintaining your treasured independence requires conscientious self-management. That means being mindful of how your environment affects your risk for falls and injuries, and undertaking strategic exercise as a form of maintenance (consider that walk an investment in keeping your desired lifestyle). As part of our community program, a Soaring Health physiotherapist will not only write a personalised exercise plan to maintain and improve physical function, they will visit your home and guide you in performing it safely and effectively using the available space and resources. They’ll also appraise the space and recommend any improvements to reduce injury risk, facilitate independence and enable you to stay strong, well and active.

Occupational Therapy

Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, Medicare (CDM), DVA and My Aged Care clients

Facing the effects of injury and conditions that undermine your usual level of function can be frustrating and frightening. Not only is it confronting to realise you can’t do what once seemed like simple tasks, but you may fear that you’ll forever be limited and reliant on others. That’s where an occupational therapist comes in. Effectively an ‘independence partner’, a Soaring Health occupational therapist will visit your home, appraise the environment, identify your strengths and weaknesses and devise creative, practical solutions that enable you to tick off your to-do list – from showering to food shopping and attending appointments – and facilitate your return to your previous level of function and independence.


Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, Medicare (CDM), DVA and My Aged Care clients

Nowhere is the phrase ‘let food be thy medicine’ more apt than in recovery from injury and chronic pain. What you eat can help or hinder the healing of bones, muscles and wounds, making diet a powerful tool in rehabilitation. Consuming certain foods can also ease the inflammation that can exacerbate and prolong pain – potentially reducing reliance on medications. Whether your goal is a return to your regular level of function or freedom from the limitations of chronic pain, a Soaring Health dietitian will comprehensively assess your condition or injuries and tailor a meal plan to support your recovery goals and food preparation capabilities. They will also educate you about food types, nutrients and dietary practices that empower you to take charge of your own nutrition.


Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, Medicare (CDM), DVA and My Aged Care clients

It’s now common knowledge that mental and emotional healing and techniques such as visualisation can enhance physical recovery. Perhaps you’re grappling with the limitations of injury or illness or struggling to adapt to changed life circumstances. Maybe you’re plagued by intrusive thoughts or memories of trauma. You may be seeking a natural way to manage chronic pain or need support and motivation to persevere on the road to recovery after a setback. Or perhaps you wish to rebuild your confidence or find a new direction after time out from the workforce. Using evidence-based therapeutic paradigms and techniques, a psychologist will help you to identify limitations, leverage your strengths and realise your own solutions towards your wellbeing goals.

Speech Pathology

Available for NDIS clients

Few areas of development are as integral to a child’s wellbeing as the ability to communicate. Yet for many children with developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, brain injuries, hearing impairment, swallowing disorders, social anxiety and conditions such as cleft palate, effective verbal communication can be a significant challenge. Unfortunately, for children with social difficulties and diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder, the frustrations that stem from the inability to clearly and effectively communicate their needs and wishes can worsen behavioral issues, erode self-confidence and cause social isolation.


Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, Medicare (CDM), DVA and My Aged Care clients

Whether you’re recovering from injury or managing chronic pain or arthritis, it can be hard to know quite how far to push your body. Engaging in certain types of exercise too soon can work against goals such as improved function and pain reduction and prolong the rehabilitation process. Enter hydrotherapy, which harnesses the buoyancy of water to enable exercise that restores strength and mobility – minus the stress on joints of weight-bearing, land-based exercise. Tailored to your needs by a Soaring Health physiotherapist, hydrotherapy can also relieve muscle spasm, aches and pains, which can result in immediate improvements in function, strength and mobility.


Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, Medicare (CDM), DVA and My Aged Care clients

Complex injuries and conditions can feel like a life sentence of trying to find answers and solutions. Moreover, whether you find relief may depend on who you consult and asking the right questions. A chiropractor, for instance, is an expert at treating spinal and neural injuries and can identify misalignments and postural nuances that cause pain, limit movement and may have a domino effect – causing secondary injuries. Because the spine is delicate, a Soaring Health chiropractor will conduct a thorough initial assessment and refer you for any relevant X-rays or scans, if required, before devising a treatment plan that helps you to regain optimal mobility, function and freedom.

Gym And Rehabilitation Exercises

Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, Medicare (CDM), DVA and My Aged Care clients

Exercise is integral to how quickly you recover from injury and whether you regain your previous level of function. This isn’t the time for guesswork or a generic workout plan. For effective rehabilitation, it’s important to work methodically to strengthen both supporting and injured muscles and joints while promoting tissue repair. It’s also crucial to practise correct technique (incorrect form can inadvertently prevent healing or even worsen injuries). Like a personal trainer with specialist knowledge of anatomy, pain and how the body responds to trauma, a Soaring Health physiotherapist will guide you in performing customised workouts designed to support your recovery goals and maximise the healing effects of movement.

Assistive Technology & Therapeutic Support Products

Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, Medicare (CDM), DVA and My Aged Care clients

Accessing products and technology to assist with injuries can be complicated. Soaring Health simplifies the process by assessing and fitting you for aids and supports that promote optimal long-term recovery, and ordering them on your behalf. Soaring Health stocks a range of orthopaedic braces, joint supports and medical aids that may be recommended by one of our health specialists to help ease your transition back to full physical strength. If we don’t have what you need, we can order it to arrive within 48 hours. Some technology may require an occupational therapist letter of recommendation. Soaring Health’s Occupational therapist can visit your home or workplace and advice you on the necessary products. 

Home Consultations

Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, DVA and My Aged Care clients

If your injury or disability make it difficult to attend appointments, why not let your treatment team of allied health professionals come to you? As well as eliminating the stress and hassle of transportation, home visits by Soaring Health’s physiotherapists, chiropractors, dietitians and occupational therapists have the fringe benefit of integrating exercises into your daily environment using available space and resources – increasing the likelihood that you’ll follow your program and realise your rehabilitation goals.

Home Cleaning

Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe and My Aged Care clients

Serious injuries can make performing basic domestic tasks difficult or impossible. What’s more, trying to push through pain and limited movement to complete tasks such as vacuuming can worsen injuries and prolong recovery time. If an accident or disability has limited your ability to complete your regular cleaning, Soaring Health’s home cleaners can assist with tasks such as dusting, mopping and vacuuming – leaving you free to focus on your recovery.

Home Gardening

Available for TAC, NDIS, WorkSafe, DVA and My Aged Care clients

Gardens often become collateral damage during the rehabilitation process, but you needn’t watch your treasured plants wither while you’re out of action. Soaring Health’s home garden service will help keep your garden healthy and thriving until you’re ready to return to your usual activities. Soaring Health’s garden maintenance services are available year round.