4 ways to be lockdown fit with a foam roller

If you’re working and working out from home, you may be missing the equipment and guidance you get from your gym, coach or personal trainer. (Not to mention those amazing massages that make laptop-related muscle knots and post-workout muscle soreness so much better.) We asked SH physio Sandra for a DIY solution to tide you over. Her answer? A foam roller. 


This simple, affordable, go-anywhere device can facilitate myofascial release and provide some of the benefits as a massage from a remedial massage therapist, myotherapist or physio as well as reducing post-workout pain and helping to improve flexibility. If you don’t have one, they’re widely available online.

Here are some ideas to get started. 

  1. Use before and especially after exercise to promote blood flow to muscles and help reduce the pain and duration of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This is particularly helpful after an intense workout or strength training. 
  2. Use as part of your warm-up to promote flexibility in muscles. This is less likely to reduce performance than static stretching.
  3. Use to challenge your balance and core. Consider incorporating a foam roller into Pilates exercises. 
  4. Use during the work day to target and release knots and areas of tightness. For your back, try putting the roller behind your back as a log while lying down and stretching (go overhead with your arms to the sides to get mobility into your spine). Also target hips and hamstrings by rolling the roller along your thighs. 

 If you have a lockdown fitness dilemma or question, our sports experts are here to help. Just ask us in comments and we promise to answer!  


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