November 11, 2020

What’s on your ‘can’t list’?

So we’ve been harping on about returning to exercise after the gym break. But what if you’ve never had a fitness regimen or are older and fearful that working out will exacerbate aches and pains or cause injury? 

Whether you’re recovering from injury or just not as nimble as you used to be, exercise is critical for physical and mental health. In fact, the right exercise can delay the musculoskeletal and cognitive effects of ageing. But what is ‘the right’ exercise?  

A physiotherapist can assess your overall musculoskeletal function and health and prescribe an exercise routine that safely enables you to gain strength, maintain bone mass, improve balance, and support other key markers of physical fitness. They’re like a personal trainer with anatomical expertise benefits!  

If you’re curious about you can safely and effectively implement exercise into your day, our sports and community physios would love to answer your questions! #keepsoaring  

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