What’s on your ‘can’t list’?

Many of us, even those who have demonstrated competency in multiple life areas, hold assumptions about our limitations. The tricky part is that we mightn’t even know about how our thoughts are holding us back. Why? Unfortunately, there is a kind of wall that stops many of us from challenging these limiting assumptions and the beliefs that support them – because we consider them fact. We are not inspired to question or challenge their veracity. We believe them!  
But why DON’T we dare to find out whether ideas about what we can’t do are actually true? We may be pleasantly surprised. Or, in the case that we discovered that we actually did lack the skills or attributes to do a certain thing (of course there are things we can’t currently do), why wouldn’t we assume that we could use the same resources and learning abilities we’ve used so many times to gain the knowledge, skills or attributes required to succeed?  
This week’s SH challenge is to choose one thing you’ve avoided trying to do for fear or belief that you can’t. If you don’t have one in mind, think of things you wish for or envy about others’ lives (e.g. starting a cake business, living and working in another country, entering a fitness comp or running a half marathon). Consider why you’ve assumed it’s not feasible for you and what steps you could take to find out. Maybe the first step is research into regulations for food businesses. Maybe it’s looking into work visa requirements for a particular country. Choose something with a realistic, clear starting action point and do it. 

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