November 6, 2020

Could you benefit from hydrotherapy?

Have you missed hydrotherapy? Maybe you’re returning to sport and need to heal a niggling injury or improve function and movement? Or you’re experiencing pain or movement limitations due to a condition such as arthritis? We’re excited to announce that pool-based physiotherapy is back from today at our Thomastown and Craigieburn clinics! Harnessing the buoyancy of water to enable exercises that may not be possible with the loads of land-based exercise, hydro helps a diverse range of clients, from athletes to sufferers of chronic pain and those with severe injuries or disabilities. It really is a marvellous discipline!

Could you benefit from hydrotherapy?

-Your condition or injury requires therapeutic exercise but you can’t tolerate the load of land-based exercise

-You suffer from muscle pain or spasms

-You wish to fast-track recovery or return to peak performance after injury or promote healing of an old injury

-You’re an athlete seeking methods to promote better recovery

-Your movement or function is limited by a condition such as arthritis

-You suffer chronic pain and/or swelling

-You require rehabilitation for a major injury

-You require rehabilitation after surgery (e.g. joint replacement)

-Your movement/function is limited by physical disability

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