Every time you fall rise

With or without COVID, getting knocked down is inevitable. Life will continue to throw curveballs. What’s important is getting back up and keeping on going. In other words, perseverance (also known as ‘grit’). 

The good news is that there are tricks you can use to cultivate this attribute and make forging ahead a bit easier. Here’s one to try this week: 

GRIT TIP: Reflect on a failure that’s got the better of you or left you feeling as though you’re reeling on the ground. See if you can identify what went wrong. Be honest about your contribution or mistakes but don’t beat yourself up for them. They are opportunities to learn and improve. This pragmatic-yet-compassionate approach has been shown by research to improve grit scores. In practice, it can help to inspire curiosity and create a sense of hunger or motivation to ‘get back on the horse’. With repetition, this ‘rising up’ technique will become habit. 
We’d love to hear your get-up anecdotes and tips. Please share in comments! 💪🏻#keepsoaring 

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