How chiro can help with fitness and sports performance

If the announcement of permitted return to sports training and gym had you googling ‘fast fitness gains’, ‘fitness hacks’ or ‘performance enhancement’, guess what? You and so many other fitness enthusiasts and athletes! The likely condition losses and performance declines due to limited training are a bitter pill to swallow. So what did you come up with? Hissing while you lift? Casein shakes before bed or carefully-timed carbohydrates? A progressive overload equation that would make Einstein squirm? What about chiro?  
There are many effective tricks to naturally enhance fitness results and performance. Nutrition is one. Training protocols are another. But the power of both will be limited if you don’t optimise your personal biomechanics and range of motion, minimise recovery time and get your nervous system working in your favour. Did we mention chiro? Here are a few ways chiropractic can help with fitness progress and performance.  
1. Chiropractic care can facilitate optimal range of motion. In a nutshell, facilitating alignment of the spine enables joints to work more effectively and efficiently. 
2. Chiro may help to improve muscular function by reducing muscle inhibition (in real terms, read: greater force and strength).  
3. Adjustments may contribute to a reduction in recovery time after training or competition (cue more training sessions).  
There are many more direct and indirect advantages to using chiropractic in your fitness program. If you’re serious about enhancing your fitness or sports performance, ask us about the Soaring Health Method, developed by our world-class sports chiros for elite athletes and successfully used with elite sports teams from netball to lacrosse and AFL and rugby. Curious? 😏#keepsoaring 

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Dr. John

Dr John Ghali’s motivation for studying chiropractic epitomises the Soaring Health mission of enriching lives. “I wanted to be able to help people to thrive and to achieve better quality of life for every client,” he says. The comprehensive anatomical knowledge acquired through a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Applied Science (Chiropractic), and Dr Ghali’s vast clinical experience, are evident in his attention to detail, multimodal approach and ability to assess complex needs and integrate chiropractic with complementary treatments such as physiotherapy to optimise client outcomes.

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