How Speech Pathology can help your child

Is your child communicating with confidence? To mark Speech Pathology Week #SPweek, we’re celebrating the many ways speech pathologists can help children with speech, language and other communication-related challenges to enjoy satisfying social interaction, engage with education and enhance learning and express their thoughts and feelings. 

One of these ways is with assistive technology.

For instance: 

  • Specialist apps available for tablet devices can both help children to master specific communication skills and help to overcome limitations due to health conditions, injuries and disabilities.
  • Specialist software and/or digital books for the computer or tablet devices can help children to develop specific communication-related skills and competencies.
  • Speech-generating devices and voice amplification aids can provide a new sense of freedom, inclusion and confidence for children with speech difficulties. 

If you’re not sure whether assistive technology could help your child to communicate with confidence or need help to choose appropriate apps or activities, visit our Speech Pathology page 

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