As COVID-19 restrictions force us to alter our health and wellbeing practices, Splash and Soaring Health have compiled a video guide to staying fit, strong, and healthy at home. The Splash digital program and Soaring Health chiropractors and physios are your virtual support team.  

Working from home (WFH) and posture with chiropractor Dr. John 

  • The hallmarks and criteria for good posture 
  • How to check your posture using 5 kinetic checkpoints, including aligning your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and foot 
  • Surprising side effects of poor postures, such as digestive and breathing issues 
  • -Tips to undo poor posture, including home office ergonomics, sitting breaks and retraining your body to maintain better posture  

Incorporating exercise into your lockdown routine with physiotherapists Sandra and Neela 

  • Ideas to weave exercise and movement into your at-home routine while maintaining social distancing, from choosing activities that require minimal time to listening to podcasts during your walk or workout (efficiency is key) 
  • Devising an effective exercise routine in line with FIIT principles used by physios 
  • Alternatives to traditional gym and training, from dancing to yoga  
  • How to use bodyweight and common household items to complete an effective workout, from packets of flour to stairs  
  • Support, accountability and motivation ideas, from recruiting a partner or family member to exercise to creating a Zoom or Skype group to exercise with friends 

At-home health and fitness recap 

  • Sit less 
  • Take screen breaks 
  • Make stairs your best friend 
  • Maintain strength using your own body weight 
  • Spend time playing with pets and kids 
  • Find fun, movement-based activities such as dancing  

For more tips and support to stay healthy and fit during COVID-19, please follow the Splash and Soaring Health socials and check back for new blog posts and videos.  

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