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Professional footballer (soccer) and current Socceroos goalkeeper Matt Ryan has been generous enough to share some of his experiences and insights with Soaring Health and our community of aspiring athletes. He is the recipient of the many prestigious medals including A-leagues young footballer of the year, Belgium Pro League footballer of the year and AFC Asian Cup dream team.

This is Matt Ryan..

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

To recognize how privileged I am to be embarking on this journey and to try to make the most of my opportunities. To take nothing for granted and use all the tools available to create the best life/career I can. You only get one crack at it and time is just continually passing.

John Crawley was my first ever goalkeeper coach at the age of 12. I then worked with him through my juniors before he became my first professional goalkeeper coach at Central Coast Mariners. I was a product of his coaching style and method, and he acted as a father figure with things away from football. He was always willing to help and teach me about any aspect of life/football. He played a significant role in grooming me to becoming a true professional of the game and making me aware of what I need to be doing and not to be doing to give the best account of myself.

Definitely, as a youngster growing up and missing out on representative teams and being told you’re not good enough, especially at such a young age. I was lucky to have humble, hard working people around me. People like John and most important my mother, sister and extended family who were always there to support me and give me advice in all sorts of situations. In those times of rejection, it was their guidance which helped me realise and enabled me to focus on things that I can control (like improving aspects of my game and improving my strength). This taught me to go the extra mile to be successful rather than to sulk and dwell on rejection and throw in the towel etc.

I feel like it’s my time of re-boosting the soul. To see and spend time with loved ones, friends and family that I don’t get to see too often throughout the year. That picks me up and brings me a sense of joy. Also, I like to remain fit by doing other sports like tennis golf, etc. Walking the dog with the family and trying not to eat and drink too much unhealthy food. I also do a bit of training myself before heading back into preseason

“I was lucky to have humble, hardworking people around me.”

Describe your daily routine.

9:15 am- Wake up, shower and head to training.

9:45 am- Have breakfast (Muesli with banana, nuts and almond milk)

10:00 am- Start gym or if it’s getting close to a game, a light stretch

11:00 am- Team training

12:30- 1:00 pm- Finish off training with some extra core followed by ice bath and shower.

2:00 pm- I go home to have some lunch, usually some protein in the form of fish, chicken or sometimes meat with vegetables or salad.

3-7pm- Downtime: either relax at home, catch up with family friends through FaceTime

8 pm- Dinner time, similar to lunch, same concept.

8:30- More down time (tv). Sometimes I roll on the roller if I’m feeling tight or sore.

11:30 pm bed time

Matt started off with high ambitions, and the odds were not always in his favor. He worked hard, he worked smart, and he networked with the right individuals. He’s achieved so much at a young age. As a young Socceroos, Matt still has a lot to achieve, and Soaring Health looks forward to seeing Matt soar to even greater heights.

To connect with Matt Ryan, follow him on his Instagram @Maty Ryan

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