January 7, 2019

Interview with Rachael Lynch

2014 World Cup Hockeyroos Goalkeeper, Rachael Lynch has been generous enough to share some of her experiences and insights with Soaring Health and our community of aspiring athletes. She is the recipient of many prestigious medals including the Oceania Gold Cup following a standout performance during the shoot-out.

This is Rachael Lynch...

Q1. What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

I have no regrets so would follow the same plan I had at 18. Work hard to finish uni, keep training and make the most of every opportunity

Q2. Who are your closest mentors and coaches and what impact have they had on your sporting career?

I have three key influences on my hockey career. My goalkeeper coach Michelle Flouch looked after me for many years and taught me all the basics of the game. Then I had Rachel Imison who was the Victorian and Australian GK for the first few years of my career at the top. She was a fantastic role model not just with hockey but all her pursuits outside of hockey. Now as a more senior player, I rely on the advice of my best friend, Stacia Joseph. She has been through the system and knows how it works, but we also share very similar values, so I look to her for advice.

Q3. What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was missing out on the 2012 London Olympics (and Beijing 2008). Having been in the team for many years, it was always a goal of mine to win a medal at the Olympics. For the Rio Olympic campaign, I made some changes in my mental approach and also my life off the field. I enlisted the help of a friend who assisted me in putting together some positive affirmations that I read every morning and every night for the year leading up to the Olympics. I also continued to work as a nurse at my hospital. This was important for me to have balance and also keep perspective in a year where hockey is more consuming than ever.

Q4. How do you look after yourself in the off-season?

We don't have an off-season in hockey as we compete internationally all year round. The only time we don't train for hockey is over Christmas. The weight training and running continues so I try to use this time to freshen up mentally and gain some grounds in my strength work. I have a little tradition of waking up early and doing a bike ride on Christmas day which I find is a wonderful way to start the day.

Q5. Describe your daily routine.

My days are all very different. My favourite day of the week would be Friday. We have an early hockey session usually from 7-9. Ice bath recovery. Then the leadership group meet with the staff to discuss the week's results and events. We have a quick snack during this meeting then head off to Yoga. I always love this hour in the week as I can completely switch off and clear my mind. From here I race home for a quick lunch, make my dinner then head off to work. I work 2-9.30 so get to spend the end of my week helping people which I really enjoy.

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