September 24, 2020

Kick start your spring fitness with our chiro’s tips

Are your joints and muscles ready? Many factors that are commonly overlooked, from not appropriately treating painful joints to under-hydrating and failing to stretch, can cause pain and movement limitations that disrupt or even halt your pre-summer fitness regimen. To get the most from your workouts and training, incorporate these tips from our chiro Dr John.  

1. Apply an ice/heat protocol.

The transition from winter to spring can affect sensitive joints or even cause joint aches and pains that mimic chronic inflammation such as that experienced with osteoarthritis. If your joints become painful, swollen or red, try applying ice. If the joints are achy or you experience stiffness in the morning, try applying a heat pad or have a warm shower in the morning to enhance blood flow to the muscles and spine.  

2. Stay hydrated.

To promote spine health and avoid build-up of lactic acids in muscles, it’s important to stay adequately hydrated. As well as regularly drinking water during the day, consume extra H20 during and after exercise to accommodate the water you’ll lose through perspiration. Avoid or limit caffeinated beverages, which are diuretics and undermine hydration. 

3. Stretch and move.

Stretching can help to facilitate delivery of oxygenated blood to your spine and muscles, assisting with function/movement. Regular movement through exercise or sports activities is also a great way to maintain musculoskeletal health, with the fringe benefit of supporting both heart and mental health. For moderate or vigorous exercise, make sure you build up slowly as factors such as strength and endurance improve to minimise the risk of pain, injury and musculoskeletal conditions.  

Setting out on a spring fitness kick and need advice for how to stage your progress or minimise injury risk? The chiros in our sports and wellness divisions would love to help. Just ask in comments! 😊#keepsoaring  

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