Learn from yesterday, live for today

We all make mistakes and we all have regrets. So why are some people able to move forward and leverage mistakes to grow while others get caught in rumination and replay their negative stories on a loop?  
One common aspect of staying stuck is refusing or being unable to accept what’s happened. That is, to make peace with reality as it is. While it can be tempting (and even automatic) to wish things had gone differently and imagine alternative outcomes, this actually prevents us from incorporating the past into the present and future and creating an integrated narrative that probably isn’t, when considered as a whole, nearly as negative as it might seem. (Silver linings.) 
This week, make a concerted effort to ‘let go’ and stop clinging to one troublesome event or action. It may help to write down what went wrong, what you have learned from the experience and ways you have improved or can improve next time as a result. This exercise changes your focus from backwards to forwards and will help you to live in the present and plan for the future. 😊#keepsoaring 

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