Looking After Your Mental Wellbeing During The Lockdown

How are you taking time to care for yourself this week? If you answered, ‘me, who’s that?’ or ‘what time?’, you’re among the many of us who neglect our own holistic wellbeing needs. (In fact, July 25ths International Self-Care Day was created to overcome this widespread neglect.) But would it be different if caring for yourself actually benefited others? Actually, it does! 

By attending to our needs and wishes and keeping our own cup full, we are better placed to give to our children, partners, family, friends and the community. It may be challenging to imagine, but consider that taking time to meditate, exercise, see friends, make art or music, bake or even relax with a cuppa (and maybe a crossword) is an investment in not only your own wellbeing but that of others. No guilt required. 

If you’re rusty or have never practised self-care, start with small amounts of ‘me time’ based on these important areas. 

  • Physical: Adequate nutrition, sleep, exercise and leisure activities or ‘active rest 
  • Intellectual: Maintaining curiosity and cultivating knowledge and skills that enable you to share your gifts with others 
  • Emotional: Understanding, valuing and managing your feelings, values, and attitudes and appreciating the feelings, values and attitudes of others 
  • Social: Maintaining healthy friendships and intimate relations, caring about others, and letting others care about you 
  • Spiritual: Finding purpose, value, and meaning in your life and participating in activities that reinforce these (e.g. meditation) 
  • Vocational: Preparing for and participating in work consistent with your values, goals and lifestyle and which provides personal satisfaction 
  • Financial: Living within your means, making informed financial decisions, setting realistic goals and preparing for short-term and long-term needs or emergencies

We’d love to hear what you’re doing for you this week?!😊#keepsoaring 

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An intricate understanding of human thought, emotions and behaviour is part of the reason Soaring Health psychologist Prishni is so highly regarded by clients and colleagues. But her human-centred approach, palpable empathy and genuine investment in helping clients to live more satisfying lives are what truly set this therapist apart.

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