August 5, 2020

Overcoming Desk Life

You’ve heard of deskercise. Maybe you even entertained the idea before laughing it off? After all, what effective exercise can you really do in the confines of a cubicle or kitchen?

Enter the resistance band. This stretchy, go-anywhere apparatus is the perfect way to work muscles and joints even when time and/or space is limited. What’s more, it can help to offset the effects of desk life on your shoulders, back and posture. (Fight desk with desk!)

Here are 3 ideas to get started:

  1. Standing upright row
    Stand with both feet at shoulder-width on the centre of the band. Hold the ends of the band at waist level and raise elbows to shoulder height.
  2. Shoulder press
    Standing on the centre of the band with feet at shoulder width, hold the ends of the band at waist height. Pull the ends of the band up over your shoulders before extending elbows and arms overhead.
  3. Band pull-aparts
    Take the ends of the band in your hands and hold arms in front of you at shoulder height. Make sure to stand up tall. With straightened arms, pull hands outwards in opposing directions, pinching shoulder blades.

If you’re battling poor posture or back pain or don’t know which exercises to do for your health and fitness goals, a physio can help. Feel free to ask any questions in comments! 😊#keepsoaring 

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