Children’s physiotherapy can vastly enhance physical function in children with long-term disabilities, developmental delays and acute injury or dysfunction caused by injury or illness.

A specialised sub-discipline of physiotherapy, children’s physiotherapy at once minimises presenting pain or discomfort and dysfunction, and works to correct any issues that may incrementally worsen – without ‘overtreating’ issues that would resolve naturally or interfering with the body’s natural growth and healing processes.

Based on knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions related to rapid growth and development – from gross and fine motor control dysfunction to gait issues – a Soaring Health children’s physiotherapist bases each client’s treatment and management plan on a comprehensive history as well as current function, to accurately predict the best response to intervention over time. To ensure treatment compliance, children’s physiotherapists place special emphasis on formulating realistic, simple, fun treatment plans as well as on showing parents and carers how to supervise exercises and manage habits at home.

Who can benefit from children’s physiotherapy?
  • NDIS child participants suffering injury or disability
  • Children suffering musculoskeletal pain or discomfort limiting movement
  • Children with growth delays or asymmetries affecting function (e.g. balance)
  • Children with gross or fine motor control issues or deficits
  • Children with gait issues
  • Children with musculoskeletal injuries
  • Children with developmental delays
Services provided by Soaring Health child physiotherapists
  • Assessment of musculoskeletal health history and status
  • Provision of intensive in-room services as required
  • Formulation of a realistic and fun treatment and management plan and exercises-including education of the child and parents for implementation