Whether joint pain or stiffness is undermining your sports performance and training, or you’d just like to be sure that you’re functioning at your best (is your posture as good as it could be?), a Soaring Health sports chiropractic adjustment can return you to peak form.
Experienced working with elite athletes and Olympians, our performance-focused sports chiropractors will locate and correct any misalignments in your spine, in turn removing barriers to optimal function and enabling you to feel and achieve your personal best.

sports chiropractor hip adjustment


What is chiropractic?

The aim of chiropractic is to better align bones to enable muscles and nerves to function better, whether you have an existing injury or condition, wish to prevent injury from lifestyle and sporting activities, or seek to improve your athletic performance. Our chiropractors do this by examining your body and administering manual therapies tailored to your condition and goals. They may also provide advice on nutrition and exercise, wellness and other lifestyle factors to promote optimal whole-body function.

What qualifications does a chiropractor need?

In Australia, chiropractors must complete a five-year university course (or have received a recognised equivalent training overseas) in order to practice.

What Chiropractic techniques do you use?

Our sports and wellness chiropractors use various hands-on techniques including spinal adjustment.

Does Chiropractic treatment hurt?

Most clients report that their chiropractic treatment is painless. However, if you’re already suering pain from an injury or condition, you may experience some minor discomfort during and just after an adjustment.

Will I have to be X-rayed?

The need for X-rays depends on your complaint or condition. After an initial examination, your Soaring Health chiropractor may recommend further diagnostic avenues, such as X-rays, to enable the formulation of a targeted treatment plan. X-rays referred by our chiropractors are bulk billed for Medicare card holders.

Will I have to have my back cracked?

No. There is a common myth that chiropractors ‘crack’ or ‘crunch’ bones. None of the methods used by our chiropractors to adjust your musculoskeletal system involves cracking bones. The reason for this myth is the sound that is sometimes made when a joint is manipulated and nitrogen gas is released. A ‘popping’ sound does not indicate any damage to the bone or joint. However, you will always be informed of, and asked to consent to, any proposed treatment type. If you are uncomfortable with a proposed method, tell your chiropractor and they will discuss alternative methods of adjustment.

Is chiropractic evidence based?

Chiropractic subscribes to high standards of healthcare and
holds itself accountable for eective, safe treatment
methods. Members of the Chiropractors’ Association of
Australia support more health research and ongoing scrutiny
of all health practitioners – chiropractic and otherwise. Many
doctors and other health experts have expressed support for
chiropractic care, particularly in relation to management of
lower back pain. Moreover, in 2007, researchers from the
American College of Physicians and the American Pain
Society recommended spinal manipulation as a treatment for
both acute and chronic back pain. In addition, a 2004 article
in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that chiropractic
care may actually lower the overall cost of health care
provision. A wealth of evidence and expert opinion also
attests to the safety of chiropractic treatment. According to the US Government’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, spinal adjustments are relatively safe when performed by a licensed practitioner.

How much does it cost?

Our sports and wellness chiropractic services are priced clearly and transparently.


• Your first chiropractic consultation will cost $80 as this is
an extended visit to understand your current health
status and history

• Standard consultations cost $65. Ongoing care packages are available for clients needing ongoing care.


Patients referred by a GP for treatment of complex or chronic conditions may access up to five free visits to a chiropractor – fully bulk-billed and covered by Medicare.

Private Health Insurance:

Instant health insurance rebates are available using hi-caps. You will need to bring your valid private health insurance card to your appointment to claim. Otherwise you can take your paid invoice and claim it online.

What is so unique about the Soaring Health Athlete Assessment Protocol?

Our unique Soaring Health athlete assessment protocol was designed specifically to meet the needs and goals of athletes seeing to improve their performance and minimise injury risk. This specialised protocol gives athletes at every level access to assessments and methods administered to elite athletes competing at the highest level. Click here to find out more about the Soaring Health Athlete Assessment Protocol.