Sports Dietician

Dual passions for food and health led Soaring Health dietitian Liz to study dietetics, but what really drives her is seeing the tangible differences dietary changes can make to a person’s health and wellbeing – from managing disease symptoms to sustainable weight loss. With a professional goal to “allow my patients to become the best they can be” by translating nutrition science into practical, realistic food recommendations, Liz has a refreshingly human approach.

Known for her empathy and truly listening to clients’ concerns and challenges, she reconciles the academic knowledge she gained through a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences and Master of Dietetics with the needs of each client (asked whether all dietitians stop clients from eating their favourite foods, Liz answers decisively: “No!”) In fact, Liz’s approach may be best described as ‘collaborative’.

A coach and cheerleader rather than a taskmaster, she strives to motivate and empower clients to take charge of their own wellness and realise how good they can feel when their bodies are optimally nourished.


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    (OCT 2020)
  • blank Badge of Honour
    (AUG 2020)