From climbing the fence of Bob Jane Stadium to watch his hero Archie Tompson play for Melbourne Victory as a child, to witnessing the growth of local athletes into Olympic Champions as a performance-focused chiropractor, Dr Marco Makari has had a lifetime fascination with elite sports. Renowned for striking the fine balance between ‘can-do’ positivity and realistic expectations, the senior chiropractor has channelled his knowledge of the relationship between mindset, movement, food and health into realising Soaring Health’s vision of empowering people to realise their own potential. Having served as a Victoria committee member in the inaugural Sports Chiropractic Australia (SCA) committee and helped athletes to reach goals including national records and Commonwealth medals, Dr Makari has earned a reputation among athletes and coaches as an elite performance ally (not that you’d know from the founding director’s smile and modest manner). For Dr Makari, being able to realise his passion every day while sharing in results at the top level – and call it ‘work’, no less – is the ultimate reward.