January 7, 2019

The 3 Non-obvious Benefits Of Cupping

You may have seen many elite athletes with large red circles all over their skin; these marks are the result of cupping therapy. This technique has been practiced throughout Asia for thousands of years where they use suction cups to help relieve pain.

How does cupping work? Either with heat or air to create suction into the cup as they are placed onto the body. The vacuum created pulls on the skin and blood vessels in towards the cup, which is why they can leave marks on the skin.

1.Pain Relief

Cupping helps eliminate toxins from the body and stimulates the flow of fresh blood and lymphatic fluid to the affected areas. It often works for clients who are dealing with poor circulation, anxiety, flu, cough, fever, aches and other conditions.

2. Removes Toxins

Cupping can be used all over the body to improve range of movement and reduce tension. It loosens the muscles and brings blood to the area and softens the underlying muscle tissue, which leads to increased flexibility and mobility.
Many clients suffer from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia; cupping therapy can be very beneficial.

3. Promotes Relaxation

The suction of the cup is applied to what is most comfortable for you and can be changed at any time during the treatment. Once the cups are placed onto the body, they can be left for 20 minutes as you remain still and calm putting you into a more relaxed state as it sedates the central nervous system. If you don’t take the time to relax you can be put under constant stress that can lead to other health conditions, such as depression or anxiety.

If you are someone who is suffering from chronic pain, general stiffness or muscles aches, at Soaring Health with offer cupping therapy so don’t feel hesitant to give it a go.

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