The benefits of needling

Imagine you’re a muscle knot (or ‘myofascial trigger point’). You’re like a ball of squeezed up tension that limits fresh blood supply, causes niggling discomfort and may even restrict movement. No wonder anyone who spends time with you tries to press and massage you away. But you’re too stubborn to let go so easily. 😬Sound familiar?  
Fortunately, our physiotherapists are able to bypass this stubborn resistance and cause tightness and knots to release (‘I surrender!’). The treatment technique known as ‘dry needling’, which involves single-use, fine filament needles being inserted into affected muscles, can rapidly decrease pain and restore free movement. It’s science, but it often feels like magic. 💫😊 
If you’re curious about whether dry needling could bring relief from knots, tightness and pain (hello, lockdown body), we’re happy to answer your questions. Either ask us in comments or call our clinics. #keepsoaring  

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A Soaring Health fixture since 2017, Nav has a vast range of physiotherapy experience including hospitals, nursing homes, community health centres and private practice. This diverse foundation has equipped him with the expertise, clinical judgment and empathic bedside manner to optimally manage clients with complex needs, including rehabilitation post-surgery, TAC recovery and pain management.

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