The Soaring Health Method

When did you last wonder whether your muscle symmetry is optimising your performance in sport or exercise? How about the way your brain and body are communicating? Could enhancing this dialogue improve your athletic performance?

These are fitness questions few non-elite athletes think to ask. Yet paying attention to, and optimising, the more detailed and intricate factors that affect movement can be the difference between ‘good’ and ‘peak’ performance (you may be surprised to learn of your untapped potential)!

How to harness the science? At Soaring Health, we have translated the science employed by Olympians and elite sports clubs into an 11-step formula suitable for athletes at all levels to realise peak form and results while overcoming injuries and minimising injury risk. The ‘Soaring Health Method’ has been successfully used by numerous elite sports clubs. Here are 3 lesser-known areas to consider when striving for that athletic ‘edge’.

1. Postural symmetry  

Identifying subtle changes in natural posture that may reduce joint movement and cause muscle tightness and making corrections.

2. Balance

Determining how each side of the body is functioning and how the brain and body are communicating can inform exercises to enhance agility and coordination.

3. Muscle symmetry

Muscles on either side of the body should be able to provide equal strength and flexibility. A balanced body will better resist injury under the demands of athletic performance.

For more information on optimising your sport or exercise performance, check out the blog or sports section on our newly-launched website. 😊#keepsoaring

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Dr. Marco Macari

From climbing the fence of Bob Jane Stadium to watch his hero Archie Tompson play for Melbourne Victory as a child, to witnessing the growth of local athletes into Olympic Champions as a performance-focused chiropractor, Dr Marco Makari has had a lifetime fascination with elite sports. Renowned for striking the fine balance between ‘can-do’ positivity and realistic expectations, the senior chiropractor has channelled his knowledge of the relationship between mindset, movement, food and health into realising Soaring Health’s vision of empowering people to realise their own potential.

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