The urge to ‘SELF-CRACK’

This week’s ‘health pro secret’ is for those who have a habit of cracking their neck, back or wrists (ahem, who, me?). 😏

According to SH chiropractor Dr John, the urge to ‘self-crack’ often indicates an underlying condition or problem. And while it may make you feel better in the immediate term, conducting this self-treatment rather than consulting a chiro may allow the core problem to worsen. Why?

“If an underlying dysfunction remains untreated, you may actually be cracking the hypermobile joints, or joints that are already moving too much. This excess joint movement often indicates lack of movement or ‘hypomobility’ of other joints and is your body’s attempt to compensate for it. On the other hand, a chiropractor can identify the root cause of pain or movement restriction and perform techniques to address it, helping to provide long-term relief and prevent symptom recurrence.”

Have a question about chiropractic? Locky joints? A niggling back? Our musculoskeletal experts would love to answer. Just ask us in comments!!😊#keepsoaring


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