November 24, 2020

Try incorporating these steps into your workday routine

With workplaces slowly returning to business as usual (cue long deskbound days), your neck could feel the strain. Yet you may be able to minimise or relieve neck pain WITHOUT popping painkillers. 

In fact, frequent neck and shoulder stretches were found to be more effective than over-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs in a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. 

1. Ensure that your chair and computer are at the correct height and not too far away from you (this causes you to push your neck and shoulders forward, potentially causing misalignment and straining muscles and soft tissue) 

2. Take regular (e.g. hourly) breaks to stand up, walk around and stretch your arms, shoulders and neck 

3. Schedule ‘chin tucks’ for a few times a day. At your desk or standing beside it, sit or stand with a straight spine and push your head forward. Jut your chin forward as far as possible, while keeping it level, before slowly reversing the movement, pulling your head as far back as possible. Repeat 3-4 times 

If you are experiencing persistent neck tension or pain, consider consulting a chiropractor, who will conduct a thorough assessment and use targeted techniques to resolve pain and prevent its reoccurrence. #keepsoaring .  

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