What To Do When You Experience Back Pain?

Recently I was interviewed by The Good Health TV to speak with Dr. Joseph Sgroi about low back pain. I’ve summarised the interview in this short blog post. Acute low back pain affects 80% of Australians at some point in their lives. The majority of these cases will will resolve within days with the correct management. If you experience an episode of acute low back pain, try these simple strategies:

1. Move Often

In severe cases, rest is necessary. However, most acute episode of low back pain resolve better with frequent, gentle movement. Walking short distances often will help restore movement and accelerate healing in your lower back. 

2. Stretch Gently

Back pain is often associated with muscle tightness. Stretching these lower back muscles can hel alleviate muscle tightness. The cobra stretch (lay on tummy and bring your chest up using elbows against the ground) is a great stretch. 

3. Apply a Local Anti-Inflammatory

Non- Steroidal Anti-inflammatories (NSAID’s) can help reduce the severity of your low back pain. Voltaren 25mgs is the most commonly prescribed over the counter NSAID. If you’re after a drug free, plant based, highly affective spray, look at the Substance Synovioblend 50mg spray. This is designed specifically for strong joint pain. It can be purchased at our online store.

4. Get professional advice

Even though back pain can be similar between individuals, each case is different. Getting advice specific to your pain will not only help resolve it quicker, it will also help you keep your back strong and avoid repeat episodes. A Physio, Chiro or Osteo can provide you with the best short and long term management plan.

If you have any back pain questions or need specific advice, send me a direct email at I’d love to help you resolve your pain. Until next time, #keepsoaring

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